Where Do Babies Come From and 9 Other Questions My Kids Asked

I don’t shy away from the tough questions that my kids ask. It’s not always easy, but so many parts of parenting aren’t and I want them to know that they can come to me for the truth when they have questions.

I’ve had to answer strange questions like, “Why do we make poop?”and, “Why aren’t some people nice?” and, “Why is the sky blue?”

I’ve had to answer uncomfortable questions like, “what does ‘being fat’ mean?” and “Why don’t girls have a penis?” Recently my kids have been asking a lot about where babies come from.

This past week, we’ve had to explain and answer a lot of questions from our kids. You see, we told them last week that they were all going to get another sibling. After 14 months of infertility and 6 months of fertility medication, we finally got the opportunity to share the news with our kids — that there was going to be another family member.

Devan McGuinness

We have talked with them a lot over the past year about our desire to add to the fmily, they’ve asked a lot of questions and we did our best to field their questions. Once we saw the first heartbeat of our new little one, we felt safe sharing with our kids and it started a whole lot of questions that we, as parents, wanted to answer for them.

  • Questions My Kids Asked 1 of 11

    They were thrilled and happy to find out we we are finally expecting, but they had a lot of questions too.

  • Is The Baby Going to Come Now? 2 of 11

    We tried to explain to the kids that the baby won't be coming for a while -- that it takes about 10 months to grow and we're only 2 months in. It helps that our due date is close to Speed's birthday, so they had a bit of a timeline.

  • Is That Why You’ve Been So Sick? 3 of 11

    I have been having a real rough go with "morning sickness" -- it's more like all the time, always sickness. I am on a lot of meds to keep that down, which makes me tired and the kids have totally noticed. 

  • Do You Have to go to the Hospital? 4 of 11

    I will be having my baby in the hospital and the kids were worried that means I am sick. We had to explain to them that although I will be at the hospital, I will be safe and all is well. 

  • Will We Have to Give Up Our Room? 5 of 11

    Oh, sweet babies! They always want to know how the changes will affect them and well, it didn't help that my husband joked that they'd have to sleep in the shed. They were pleased to know they won't have to give up their beds. 

  • Will it be a Boy? 6 of 11

    Speed really, really wants a little brother -- he says he has enough sisters. 

  • Can We Go With You to the Hospital? 7 of 11

    One part of me really wants them to come, the other doesn't. I told them if I had to be in the hospital for a little while, they could come for some of it. 

  • Now is it Coming? 8 of 11

    They are so excited about it and well, Bean has no concept of time. I swear she thinks it's coming tomorrow... every day. 

  • Are You Going to Get Really Big? 9 of 11

    Not really a fun question, but they've seen pictures of me with other pregnancies and I had to explain that slowly, my stomach will start to get larger as the baby grows. Each morning, they run into my room to see how much bigger I've gotten and always comment on how I'm huge. I am 8 weeks and well, not showing. 

  • Will We Have to Change Stinky Diapers? 10 of 11

    The kids are so excited about being able to help out, but made it quite clear that the dirty diaper change duty will be Dads and not theirs. 

  • How Does the Baby Come Out? 11 of 11

    We have had many conversations with the kids about how babies are born and have shown them pictures. They asked again for a refresher and we tell them the medical truth. No stork lies here. 

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