While Daddy's Away, The Kids and I Will Play

Photo by Mandy Cheney

“Hey son, need more popcorn?” I ask.

“Yeah mom, thanks,” replies my son with his pearly whites shining at me in the darkness.

It’s movie night, again, at our house. We’ve had three consecutive movie nights over here. Popcorn, blankets and movies are the key to unlocking a wealth of never-ending happiness in these little hearts of mine. We are at the moment watching Newsies, which is one of our favorite old movies to watch. The kids love to dance a long and sing to all the songs. My husband isn’t a real fan of it, so we’re taking advantage while he is away basking in the hot Arizona sun.

While we’re watching old movies, he is busy eating hot dogs at baseball’s spring training. Boo-hoo, I didn’t get to go on this trip. As fun as shacking up with a bunch of guys in the same hotel room, playing golf at the crack of dawn and then spending the rest of the day watching numerous baseball games sounds, I’m happy to say adios to him and hope he has fun. It’s really not my thing.

I’m glad he gets to have a little break. I’m not the kind to gripe when he’s gone because I don’t want him griping when I go away on the occasional “golf trip” (where I actually never lay eyes on a golf course). I’m also a fan of having a weekend with just the kids. For some reason, I get a lot done when he’s gone. I can’t explain it, but I turn up the project heat when he leaves town. Maybe because I don’t bother with our usual dinner routine or maybe it’s because every routine is just different when he is away and I need things to keep me busy. Regardless, the kids and I do our best to have as much fun as possible.

Fun this time around meant assembling box after box of Ikea furniture to get ready for the baby, potty-training a toddler, de-junking, and digging out the toys from the garage that have been hibernating all winter. We’ve been busy this weekend! No wonder we’re ready for movie night come 6:00 pm. It’s been a fun time, but I am ready to welcome my better half in just a few short hours. As fun as movie night and a different routine is for my kids, they are ready to have their Daddy back too.

Weekends apart really do help the heart grow fonder.

Do you and your partner ever take vacations without each other or spend a few days apart?

What do you do when they’re gone?

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