While Some Ask For Helmets In Soccer, Remember These 18 Dangerous Games From Our Youth

There is a war of words raging in Quebec where the provincial soccer federation has banned people from wearing turbans while playing soccer.

The federation calls them dangerous, especially when players go up for a head ball and can knock heads. They say the turban is, in effect, a helmet and can cause injury to another player. For it’s part, the national governing body in Canada allows for protective headgear (turbans) to be worn, as does FIFA.

The debate has twisted and turned from a religious / cultural argument into one about player safety that has some calling for kids to wear helmets while playing soccer, because obviously its one of the dangerous games kids play. A Globe and Mail editorial even weaved arguments about helmets in hockey into a demand they be brought to the pitch.

Scott Delaney, a McGill University researcher, has found that soccer players have rates of head injury similar to football and hockey players. Researchers have also raised concerns about long-term brain damage from repeated subconcussive blows from heading the ball. “Preliminary research has shown [protective headgear] may decrease the number of concussions and soft tissue injuries of the head,” a 2010 position paper of the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine says.

Soccer needs a debate on brain safety, not a debate on turbans.
[The Globe and Mail]

Columnist Andrew Coyne brought this up on his Twitter account last night. The debate quickly swung into a list of dangerous games people used to play when they were kids that would certainly have them taken away from their parents if the modern child services agencies found out.

How did we ever outwit Darwin and make it to adulthood?

  • Darwin Award Nominees 1 of 19
    19 Darwin Award Winning Games From Our Youth

    I'm with the team that thinks we need to free range a little more and stop bubble wrapping our kids. That said, woah, did we ever tempt Darwin in our youth.

    Images via iStockPhoto, HellsAcres, Richard Masoner

  • Drano 2 of 19

    How much you want to bet kids are finding much crazier things to do now with YouTube etc?

    via Bryan Regehr

  • Lawn Darts 3 of 19

    And we wonder why they were banned.

    via Cantech Letter

  • Grounders 4 of 19

    Never heard of it, kinda sounds like fun. BONK.

    via Adam Scriven

  • Lady Fingers 5 of 19

    Boys will be boys?

    via Mike Phelan

  • Frogger 6 of 19

    Modern version? Trying to cross the car pool drop off lanes at school.

    via Marc Kuly

  • Smashing Pumpkins 7 of 19

    Because it's safer when you have adult supervision.

    via Ellen Pratt

  • Skateboards 8 of 19

    This is how the X Games started.

    via Mark Farrell

  • Boromir’s Doom 9 of 19

    Boromir was one messed up dude.

    via Evan Cinq-Mars

  • Tag 10 of 19

    Once you tag someone, you have to stop and put them out.

    via Peter Paper

  • Hide And Seek 11 of 19

    Well it does make the game more challenging.

    via Tim Parent

  • Tire Rolling 12 of 19

    You know how kids used to roll tires with sticks? This is not that.

    via 1967ers

  • Strobe Gym 13 of 19

    This was obviously before epilepsy was invented.

    via Emma Loop

  • Cartoons 14 of 19

    And they say cartoons don't affect kids.

    via Mellina Huitema

  • Bumper Riding 15 of 19

    My childhood version was done hanging on to bumpers by the hand and feet sliding on icy streets. That is not safe, people.

    via Mark Ball

  • BMX Bunny Hop 16 of 19

    I bet your mom is proud too.

    via Andrew Tumility

  • Debate Team 17 of 19

    Now I know which elective not to let my kids take.

    via Denise MacDonnell

  • Handlebars 18 of 19

    It is an art that should .. well .. no .. let's leave it as lost.

    via David Evans

  • Moral Of The Story 19 of 19

    Well, there were a few other crazy things on this list, but they were never "legal" to begin with.

    via Andrew Coyne

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