Why Did You Give Your Child the Name That You Did?

The other day I attended the awards ceremony for my daughter’s pre-K gymnastics class. (I know, I know.  WTH?  We can’t have any winners or losers, but everyone gets an award for participating – even in pre-K gymnastics.) Anyhoo, I digress. I sat there on the balance beam listening to the instructor call the kids by name to come and get their certificate and trying not to go blind from all the flash photography.

I found myself chuckling and the woman beside me asked what was so funny. I said, “Listen to these names.  It sounds like roll call at a nursing home.”

“Henry, Charlie, Silas, Walter and Ephraim. Adele, Mabel, Ruby, Alice, Penelope and Betty.”

“My daughter is Alice,” she replied unhappily. “She was named after my grandmother.”

“See? An old lady,” I laughed.

Don’t get me wrong, my child has an old lady name too. When I blog about her, I call her Adolpha, but that is obviously not her real name. I joke that her real name is worse. It’s an old lady name right up there with Ruby and Adele, but it’s not as bad as Betty.

“It’s cool, my daughter was named after my great grandmother – an even older lady. And people tell me all the time it’s really a dog name.”

I actually like the old lady names. So much better than the made up ones like Kinley or Brinley or the weird spelling ones like Kloee or Trinitee or Syreniti (sound it out, you’ll get it).

It makes me wonder though. When my grandchildren have children, will they think my name sounds like a hip, old fashioned name that is ripe for revival? Will they look at their little baby’s face and say, “Welcome to the world, Jenni. You were named for your great grandmother.”

Fifty years from now will the gymnastics classes be full of Jennis, Michelles and Stephanies?  Will Jennifer once again be the number one name? I guess it could be.

If it is, I beg my future great granddaughter not to name her daughter Jenni. I went through my whole life being one of 10 Jennis, Jennys, Jennifers or Jens. I was always Jenni M. since there were so many of us. Please, future great granddaughter, don’t name your daughter the most popular name in the country – but don’t name her Syreniti either.

What did you name your child and why?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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