Why Don’t We Use Car Seats On Vacation?

Why Don't We Use Car Seats On Vacation?We went to Mexico last month for a well-deserved escape from this endless winter.

When we were headed out on a tour bus one day, we were stuck in traffic behind a pickup truck. It wasn’t the big beefy trucks we see in our cities with room to haul gear in the back and two rows of seats in the cab. It was an old, small truck that, among the gear in the flatbed, also had a mom and three kids.

They stared at me as we stopped behind them at a red light, our big tour bus looming over them. ”¨”¨My wife gasped when she saw the truck. And while one side of her mouth was talking about “how can they do that?!” the other side of her mouth was telling tales of how we all used to rattle around in the back of our parents’ station wagons growing up.

My own family had a big van that my dad had fashioned into a bench and table in the back seat. We took that thing up and down both the east and west coast of the US and across Canada. Twice. My sister wasn’t even 5 years old yet when we started vacationing, and never once do I remember a car seat being in the back.

But that was then, right? We know better now, right? My son, nearly 7, is still in a booster seat in our big family SUV and my 4 year old still in a formal car seat as we wait until he can put on some weight and get to the smaller seat.

So we were shocked to see kids flopping around in the bed of a pickup in busy traffic.

Our own judgmental behavior would be thrown back at us a few days later, as we took cabs into the old town, and over to a dolphin swim. Both times we all piled into the back of the cab. No car seats for the boys, heck, there was barely enough room for all of us to fit in the car.

Which makes me ask and wonder: why do we get so uptight about car seats and then easily dismiss them when we get in a cab on vacation?

Why Don't We Use Car Seats On Vacation?

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