Why I Shop at Target For My Child’s … Wardrobe

I live in walking distance from a Target store. My condo complex has a safe sidewalk walking path to Target. It was in the original design plans and a perk/selling point of living here. In nice weather, JD and I walk there if we don’t have a load to carry back. That could be the number 1 reason I shop at Target. (Or shameless plug: Target named Rattled! a 2009 Breakout Book and In-Store Best-Seller, soooo there’s that, too.)

The second reason is undeniably the affordable and fashionable kid clothes. If you’ve been reading my blog for five years, you know I’m mad about fashion and you know my day job is working as a fashion market editor at a top-selling magazine.

I’d be lying if I said style didn’t count when I picked out JD’s clothes. I feel lucky I live in close proximity to Target and I don’t have to break the bank essentially filling his closet and drawers with everything from the boys department.

Do I shop at other stores? Of course. But take a look at these recent buys and you’ll see why I don’t need to travel far to dress my kid from head … to toe. 

  • Skull Sweater 1 of 5
    Skull Sweater
    JD loves skulls, pirates and anything bad to the bone. That's why I love this Circo Boys' Long-Sleeve Sweater
    Find it at Target, $13.99.
  • Designer Duds 2 of 5
    Designer Duds
    One of my favorite things about Target is that they collaborate with high-end designers. I love the skinny hipster cut of these Shaun White Boys' Cord pants.
    Find them at Target, $18.99.
  • Converse! 3 of 5
    JD is 5 and that means his foot is constantly growing. I love that Target sells One Star Converse sneakers for affordable prices.
    Find them at Target, $27.99.
  • Jammies! 4 of 5
    JD is in total superhero mode. Every night after his shower he morphs into Spider-man, Batman ... Captain America. Thanks to Target, we're well stocked! The Spider-Man Boys Fleece PJ Set is $15 and keeps JD cozy and warm—and scaling my furniture.
    Find it at Target, $14.99.
  • Face It: Underwear Is Important 5 of 5
    Face It: Underwear Is Important
    As I mentioned, JD is all about superheroes. The ultimate motive for getting him to cooperate and dress in the morning before school while I'm rushing around? "Go pick out your superhero undies, dude!"
    Find them at Target, $8.99 to $9.99.

Photo credit: Target

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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