Why I Shop at Target for My Kids’ Clothes

Behold Target, wonder of all stylish wonders.

From offering affordable style on everything from my home decor to my family’s clothes, Target’s always been there offering the latest colors and styles within my family’s budget.

With two boys, shopping for clothes can be a real challenge, but thanks to Target it doesn’t have to be.

Take a look at 7 reasons I shop at Target for my kids’ clothes:

I need toilet paper: We go through a lot of toilet paper…and milk…and ibuprofen in my house. Since I always need to stop at Target for one of these things, I might as well pick up new jeans for my growing boys or handsome sweaters for the holidays since I’m there anyway. Target’s convenient for all my household staples and my family’s stylish fashion finds! Two birds, one stylish stone.

Target sells toys: Yes, the fact that Target has a toy section is a tremendous draw for my kids. When Boy Wonder needs new shoes and BooBoo needs a new jacket, they never mind shopping for these items at Target so long as I promise we can look at the toys. Win-win for everyone!

Ready to shop!

Built to last: With two active boys you better believe I need durable clothing. I’m looking for affordable clothing that lasts and Target delivers in a big way. In fact, the clothing we purchase at Target makes its way through three children at a minimum before it’s retired – first to Boy Wonder, then to BooBoo, then to a dear friend’s younger son. What’s not to love about tough clothes for a tender price?

I’m snobby: I may never have had the pleasure of dressing a daughter in adorably frilly dresses, but I can dress my boys in all the hippest designer styles and colors for less. If Target can make my suddenly style conscious tween happy, I’m sold.

I’m saving for two college tuitions: I don’t have money to shop at children’s boutiques or blow my hard earned cash on clothes my kids only wear once. Target offers affordable styles by trusted brands our family loves. I’m saving for college tuitions, not pricey threads.

Clean selection: I can’t stand digging through unorganized piles of clothes in unkempt stores in the hopes of finding wardrobe staples. No thank you. When it comes to shopping for boys, timing is everything. I only have 10-15 minutes to get in and get out of the boy’s department before their attention spirals out of control. I want to get in and out with what I need in a flash! Target allows me to do just that.

Something for everyone: Target offers a wide variety of styles for all types of kids. Their athletic styles are perfect for BooBoo while Shawn White’s exclusive selection for Target keeps Boy Wonder looking as awesome as he thinks he is!

Do you keep your family festively stylish during the holidays? We’re giving away three $50 Target giftcards to brighten the season! To enter for a chance to win, simply comment on this post with a personal tip on how you dress your children conveniently — and with style — during the holidays!

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