Why My Kids Will Not Be Getting Their Chicken Nuggets from Chick-fil-A Ever Again

Over on Strollerderby today I’ve opened up the floor for discussion on the recent controversy regarding Chick-fil-A and their stance against same-sex marriage. I would love it if you would head over there and add your thoughts to the discussion, specifically whether your family will continue to dine there. However, I wanted to use this space to elaborate on my feelings.

I’ve been out of the loop for the last few days while traveling for work. This morning was the first time in over a week that I tuned into the morning news. My jaw dropped when I saw people lined up around the block to show their support for Chick-fil-A. I could not believe that people were so willing to wait in line for hours in the summer heat to buy a chicken sandwich in order to prove to the world that they are a bigot.

Yes. A bigot. Someone who is intolerant of or prejudiced against another because of their race, religion, size, or sexual orientation. It is a strong word and, in my opinion, it is fitting in this scenario.

I want to be very clear here. If you are a person who does not believe that same-sex marriage is moral. If you think two women or two men that love each other and want to enter into a monogamous and committed relationship will somehow affect your marriage, I tolerate your belief. I don’t agree with it. It makes me very, very sad, but I don’t deny you the right to feel that way.

What I do take issue with is companies, churches, organizations mobilizing to infringe on the rights of a group of people just because the choices of that group differ from their own. It terrifies me.

I miss the days when I could buy a chicken sandwich, sign my kid up for boy scouts, or donate to a non-profit without worrying that I was in some way supporting intolerance.

My family will not be eating at Chick-fil-A ever again which is a shame because their service has always been impeccable and they are one of the few fast food restaurants that offers books instead of toys. But their choice to actively support organizations that seek to take away basic human rights of others? That is something I simply cannot stomach.

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