Why Overachieving Moms Drive Me Nuts

I’m new around here at Babble and you don’t know me very well.  So I’ll fill you in a bit.  I am married to The Hubs and I’m a mom of two kids – Gomer, 7 and Adolpha, 5 (not their real names obviously).  I work from home full time and I blog over at my own site besides here at Babble.  I’m fairly sarcastic and a bit crabby and I tend to call people out on their B.S.  I desperately want a minivan and I have a girl crush on Tina Fey.

All of this is great, but the most important thing you should know about me is that overachieving moms drive me absolutely nuts.  I am sick and tired of overachieving moms constantly raising the bars for us “normal” moms.

Forget birthday parties and Christmas — these are hallowed ground for the OAM and deserve their own posts.  I’m talking about the moms who feel the overwhelming need to make every waking moment of their precious offspring’s day memorable and special.  Overachieving moms feel the need to take a simple thing like a school lunch and turn it into a display of artistic expression through lunch meat origami.  Overachieving moms take normal moms’ “Taco Tuesday” and turn into “Fiesta Friday” where the entire family dines al fresco under paper lanterns while wearing sombreros and listening to a live mariachi band serenade them.

An OAM will devote an entire scrapbook to baby’s first step right down to the square of carpet she cut out of her living room, because that’s where her precious tot’s foot first fell.

There are two types of overachieving moms:  The mom who says she’s doing all this crazy stuff because she is “making memories” for her child.  She swears her kid likes all of this nonsense and would actually be sad and/or disappointed if she opened her lunch box at school and found a simple PB&J or came downstairs for breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day only to find the house had NOT been destroyed by leprechauns (a true OAM believes the bigger the mess, the better the memory).  She’s so full of it.

Maybe her kid would be disappointed the first day, but she’d get over it.  This OAM has created an environment in her home where every day is the flipping circus.  Life is not like that and the sooner her kid realizes, the better.

I can get on board with the second type of overachieving mom, because this mom doesn’t live in a dream world.  This mom is narcissistic just like me.  This is the mom who admits she does all this madness for herself.  She fully admits her kids could care less if the Elf on the Shelf is sitting on a shelf (where normal moms put him) or if he’s fishing for Goldfish out of the hall bath.  Her kids enjoy the occasional pink milk for Valentine’s Day, but she knows they would not be devastated if they didn’t get it.

She enjoys doing these wacky things and more importantly, she enjoys the accolades she gets.  We all like to hear we’re wonderful, don’t we?  Of course we do and that’s why I can handle this type of OAM!

Are you a proud overachieving mom who can take the first step and say:  I am an OAM.  Yes, my kids like what I do, but I know that I really do this for myself.  I like to hear that I’m creative and fun. OR  Are you a normal (slacker mom) like me?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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