Why You Need To Throw A Birthday Party For Your Child’s Imaginary Friend

“Are those flowers for your wife?”┬áthe lady behind me at the grocery coyly smiled, gesturing towards the bouquet of pink gerberas among my items.

“No,” I smiled back. “They’re for my son. His favorite color is pink.”

“Oh, that’s sweet,” she replied.

“Actually,” I corrected myself. “They’re for his imaginary friend, it’s his birthday today and we’re having a party.”

I might have been Ryan Gosling at that exact moment, because she melted right there in the checkout line.

“Ohhhhh!” she sighed heavily.

“His friend’s name is Mouse, and we have a cake too,” I added, not missing the opportunity to go for the home run. I pulled out my phone to show her the photo of the cake my wife had picked up that afternoon.

“And we have decorations and presents, we’re doing the whole nine yards,” I continued. “I mean, he’s 3, and when will we ever have the chance to truly embrace an imaginary friend?”

“My youngest is already 8,” she confessed. “I miss those days. Oh, you’re so lucky. This is soooo cute,” she continued gushing.

It’s ridiculous, really. A birthday party for a child’s imaginary friend, but we did it and we did it over the top. We hung our Happy Birthday Banner, put a place setting at the table, wrapped up presents, brought out a cake, and had a singing of Happy Birthday.

Charlie has been talking about his friend Mouse for the past 2 months or so, and as our boys continuously count down to their own birthdays, I casually asked when Mouse’s was. “Next week!” Charlie exclaimed, and so I wrote it on the calendar and we had a party. For an imaginary Mouse.

You NEED to do this. It was the absolute best. day. ever.

  • A REAL Party 1 of 6

    Flip through to see the photos and to understand why this was so much fun. I mean, how can you say no to that face?!

  • Decorations 2 of 6

    It's not a real birthday party in our house until the Happy Birthday sign is hanging in the kitchen. This greeted the boys (and Mouse) at breakfast.

  • Mac and Cheese 3 of 6

    We set a tiny bowl of Mouse's favorite food, mac and cheese, complete with birthday hat for the guest of honor. When Charlie got up to go potty in the middle of dinner, I scooped our some of the mac and cheese to make it look like Mouse ate some. LOL.

  • Birthday Cake 4 of 6

    A tiny 4 inch birthday cake fit for a Mouse on his 13th birthday.

  • Happy Birthday To You! 5 of 6

    Candles and the cake presentation complete with a family singalong. Charlie was so proud.

  • Presents! 6 of 6

    Wouldn't you know it, Mouse is a fan of Superheros and Spider-Man too!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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