Wide Margins

Henry David Thoreau said, “I love the broad margin to my life.”

I, too, flourish in broad margins. But with 4 kids, it is a fight to keep those margins broad.

With school and church and house and pets and yard, we’ve got a full plate. I mean, dinner has to take place every night. That’s about all the extra-curricular I can handle—which is to say nothing of music lessons, spelling bees, sports, science fairs, language immersion, gymnastics, drama, and karate. And I mean I really want to say nothing about any of those things because we’ve quit some of them, pursued some of them halfheartedly, and most of them were just never in the cards for me.

Don’t judge me. I do not thrive on action or chaos. I don’t like to do things. It wears me out. Some things are worth getting worn out for. Last Friday we spent the evening in downtown Provo gallivanting around town for a dance walk, dinner, and then a rooftop concert. It was fun family time and it was worth it.  On Wednesday we are going to Lagoon. It’s the local amusement park. A lot of people think it’s tacky and gross and hate it, but I love it and think it’s exciting and fun. Anyway, the point is, I can’t do anything else major this week or I’ll be spent.

You might think avoiding being spent is laziness on my part. I struggle with that too. All these moms whizzing around to soccer practice and playgroup and swimming lessons are good and devoted. They fill their days up and they are not lazy. But it’s just not my style. I don’t like to think of myself as lazy. I like to think that I am reserving my strength.

I’m reserving my strength—lying in wait, if you will—so when someone breaks their arm or gets sick or really needs something I can spring into action. You should see me. It’s like, BAM. Into action.

So if you don’t like doing things, if you like to keep a broad margin to your life remember that you aren’t lazy. You’re just like Henry David Thoreau, who is famous.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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