Winter Break Bucket List: 8 Things I Want to Do With My Kids

Winter Break Bucket List for KidsWith the holidays behind us, we can now start slowing down on the crazy and focus on more fun things. The kids are off school for the next 2 weeks and that can give us some much needed down time after the holidays.

Normally I have a big hate-on for the winter. I dread it every year and hope it holds off as long as possible. Given that I live in an area where snow is inevitable, the best I can do is hope for a mild winter (which we got last year).

And I am hoping to change my attitude about the winter. No sense being miserable for a few months during the year all because of the weather. With the kids older and so excited about playing outside, it’s easier for me to get a bit more excited about the fun that we could have out there.

While the kids are on break, I have put together a bucket list of fun activities and we are going to do our best to make sure they happen before they head back to school.

There are 8 things I’ve got on my winter bucket list for the kids this winter break and here’s hoping that we get through all of them:

  • Make Paper Snowflakes 1 of 8
    Make Paper Snowflakes
    I want to spend the morning making paper snowflakes with the kids and then decorate the whole house with them. Bring some of the pretty of the winter inside without the cold.
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  • Build and Play With Their Building Sets 2 of 8
    Build and Play With Their Building Sets
    My kids were lucky and received many different building block sets this Christmas. I want to make sure we get the time to build and play with all of them.
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  • Read as Many Books 3 of 8
    Read as Many Books
    My kids got a few books each for Christmas and they're the perfect early-reader ones. I want to make sure I can hear my kids read as many of them as possible.
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  • See How Many Marshmallows Will Fit 4 of 8
    See How Many Marshmallows Will Fit
    inside a cup of hot chocolate! We can see who can fit the most or take bets on how long they take to melt. Perfect for after playing outside.
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  • Bake, Decorate and Eat 5 of 8
    Bake, Decorate and Eat
    Cupcakes! I love decorating cupcakes with the kids and it's something they love to do often. It's been a while so it's on our must-do list this break.
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  • Celebrate With a Popcorn Party 6 of 8
    Celebrate With a Popcorn Party
    I like to break routine around here when I can and what better way to do that then having a popcorn party for dinner? We can make many varieties and cuddle up and watch our favorite movies.
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  • Go Sledding 7 of 8
    Go Sledding
    With the snow hitting yesterday, the kids are begging to go out and play in it. I want to make sure during this down time that we get the time to laugh and sled out there.
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  • Build an Epic Snowman 8 of 8
    Build an Epic Snowman
    I bought earlier a hat and the other accessories for a snowman and have been waiting for the chance to build one. This break it's going to happen!

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