Worst Parent Of The Day: Dad Loses It At Kid’s Hockey Game, Gets Banned [VIDEO]

parent hockey cheering signThere are times when I wonder if I haven’t done enough to get my son into organized sports, then there are times I’m glad I avoid it this long.

My oldest son (nearly 6) takes swimming, skiing, and skating lessons. He’s not in team sports – yet. We’re talking about getting him in t-ball this summer, and every now and again I wonder if he would like to play hockey.

Then I see the drama from team sports and I wonder again.

The time commitment when you get your kids in to organized sports is immediate. 2 or 3 days a week for practices, then games. God forbid your kid be good and makes a higher calibre competitive team. Kiss your vacation time away as mandatory tournaments will suck up every long weekend of your life.

Is it worth it? We see the multi multi million dollar contracts that a few hundred athletes are good enough to sign, and deem it a lottery ticket worth scratching.

Then, I see the parents on the sidelines who have already cashed that ticket in their minds, and I just want to skip it all together.

The latest to go viral is a hockey dad in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Jason Boyd is a vocal presence at his teenage son’s games and after a recent outburst that was caught on tape by other parents, he’s been banned from attending further games.

“My son was hit and was laying on the ice, not moving, and the rink became deathly quiet,” said Chuck Kitson. “And out of that quiet came a big booming voice, yelling at the referee that my son is a midget.”

Kitson said he walked over to Boyd and tapped him on the shoulder. As seen on the video, it was at that point Boyd — holding a baby in one arm — angrily told Kitson not to touch him again and offered to “cave in” Kitson’s glasses.
[Calgary Sun]

The scene is disgusting but, unfortunately, not uncommon. In Alberta, parents have to take an online course teaching them how to behave in the stands before their kids are allowed to play. Yes, a course in common sense needs to be passed before your kid is allowed to play hockey.

So I will eagerly anticipate my son and I’s skiing and rock climbing lessons this spring where the only abuse I’ll take is from my 40+ body trying to keep up with my 6 year old.

What’s it like with your kids that play team sports? Is there always a parent like this at every event?

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