Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, Batman *IS* A Princess

The One Where Batman Is A PrincessWhen a kid asks for something, you do your best to make it happen.

Our role as parents is to enable creative thinking, dreaming, and the belief that anything is possible. For my friend Kerri, that meant making Batman into a princess.

Because, of course.

There’s a lesson you learn when you take improv: never deny the reality that has been presented to you. If your cast mate talks about the sun shining brightly, you don’t act like it’s raining. You never block, you always say, “Yes!”

Welcome to the world of parenting.

What Kerri was presented with was one of those moments when your kid’s imagination perceives the impossible to be truth and you say yes.

Because, Batman is a princess.

Kerri was attending a conference with her daughter and well… here’s how she recalls the conversation:

“Did you know there is going to be a big fancy dress-up ball?  Like a big party for princes and princesses?”


“Yeah.  And you get to dress up as a princess, if you’d like.  Would you like to dress up as a princess that night?”

“I would.  I want to be …”

And here’s where I expected a response of “Cinderella,” or some other generic Disney princess.

“I want to be a Batman Princess.  Can I be a Batman Princess?”

Oh hell yes, you can.

You should see the Pinteresting, crafty details on Kerri’s blog to see how she made the magic happen. (Including a too cute picture of her Batman Princess daughter posing.)

It’s a wonderful reminder of the power of saying, “Yes,” to our kids.

Image via Six Until Me

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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