If Schools Keep Banning Valentine’s Day, We’ll Miss Out On Magic Like This

valentines writing rocksThis week I sat and watched my son carefully craft 19 valentines to each of his friends in his kindergarten class.

For an hour he measured his letters, focused on spelling, and did “homework” with a smile.

My 5-year-old is squarely in the iPad generation. Many are predicting handwriting will be obsolete; already cursive has drifted out of the curriculum – but there he sat practicing his printing because he wanted to.

Can you believe some schools are vetoing Valentine’s Day?

They are banning the cute cards for rules of fairness, wanting to make sure everybody gets one. Don’t be so surprised — we are the generation that makes sure everyone gets a participation ribbon and doesn’t keep score in soccer games.

A colleague’s daughter has had Valentine’s Day pulled from the school calendar over environmental concerns. The school wasn’t happy with all that paper getting tossed in the bin.

Ugh. Schools need to embrace Valentine’s Day!

Watch a young kid work on his valentines and you’ll see why more cards should be encouraged. My son didn’t touch the iPad. He didn’t watch TV. He focused on his writing.

On Valentine’s Day, my son will repeatedly count the cards in his box to keep score, and when he gets home he’ll read all the messages aloud to us with pride.

Reading. Writing. ‘Rithmetic. Who knew Valentine’s Day was part of the lesson plan? I think next year we shouldn’t just encourage the kids to write a card to everyone in their class, but everyone in the school! And again at Easter!!

Here’s some more inspiration as to why we should encourage our kids to write valentines, because without Valentine’s Day we’d lose this awesomeness:

  • Nice Rack, Mom. 1 of 11
    Nice Rack, Mom.
    Well, your heart is in your chest, right?
    Image viaPopHangover
  • Even More Than Cow 2 of 11
    Even More Than Cow
    Valentine written by Brick Tamland from Anchorman when he was a kid? I love lamp!
    Image via Imgur
  • I Like Big Butts, I Cannot Lie 3 of 11
    I Like Big Butts, I Cannot Lie
    Sir Mix A Lot's little one, I'm sure of it.
    Image via PopHangover
  • Superpowers 4 of 11
    May you feel the love of x-ray vision today.
    Image via Reddit
  • Gordon Ramsey’s Kid? 5 of 11
    Gordon Ramsey's Kid?
    I'm sure your father is a great cook as well.
    Image via White Orchid
  • Sense of Hummer 6 of 11
    Sense of Hummer
    Yes, Carlos. Your mother does, without a doubt, have a great "sense of hummer."
    Image via Huffington Post
  • Food is Important 7 of 11
    Food is Important
    It's the little things we do for our children that they value the most.
    Image via AnarchyCamp
  • Banana Guacamole 8 of 11
    Banana Guacamole
    I'm sure you got your beautiful eyes from your mom. 🙂
    Image via BlahBethany
  • P.S. 9 of 11
    Kids try to hold grudges. They try.
    Image via IzISmile
  • I Know!! 10 of 11
    I Know!!
    The one where you praise your kids to give them support, and discover their ego is alive and well.
    Image via Imgur
  • Zombie Apocalypse 11 of 11
    Zombie Apocalypse
    See, if we encourage our kids to write valentines, one day we could end up with something as awesome as this. Image via Old Punker

Image via Buzz Bishop

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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