You Don’t Get to Graduate Until You Finish High School

zacharie graduates preschoolOur generation of parents is so conflicted.

We helicopter over our kids with superior supervision that prevents them from experiencing the joy of being children running free.

Then we project so many adult themed things on them when they’re far too young for it.

We are creating adult children.  Coddled, protected, entitled, and spoiled adult children.

There are dozens of examples I could trot out, but in this season of celebrating the end of school, you just have to look at the extremes parents are going to for Kindergarten Graduation.

Congratulations, your kid is 6, she has at least another dozen years of schooling to get through. Yes, those finishing Kindergarten are members of the Class of 2024; they aren’t graduating from anything, they’re only just beginning.

And it’s not just the kindergarteners that go over the top.  There will be elementary school “grads,” middle school “grads,” junior high “grads” and more. Each complete with cap and gown and pomp that doesn’t quite fit the circumstances.

There will be valedictorians offering speeches, no doubt quoting Mary Schmich and encouraging their classmates to “enjoy the power and beauty of your youth.” Huh? These kids are 6, or 12, or 15.

No wonder teens are demanding such extravagance by the time they really graduate. They’ve had so many “graduations” that each must be better than the last, and if Mom’s not flying to NY to pick out a prom dress, renting the biggest Hummer limo in town and getting them a new car as a graduation present, there’ll be hell to pay.

We are spoiling our kids. Our helicoptering and lavishing is doing nothing but creating a generation of entitlement.

My son finishes junior kindergarten this month. He will get a little piece of paper I will put in a scrapbook. I’ll take some pictures of him with his teacher and his best friends.

There will be no party. This is only just the beginning of a very, very long road.

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