You Know You’re A Parent, When ________

The Things You Do For Kids ..

It’s the little things that underline our role in modern society.  We breeders, we’re not like them single and carefree folk.

We have minivans to drive, thank you very much.  Soccer practice takes precedence over scotch tastings, and if you’re up late on a consulting job, chances are you’re advising Grade 4 science fair experiments.

Every night you could have a threesome, foursome, or fivesome – if you want to.  Those kids will sneak into your bed at any and every opportunity. While your single friends are chasing someone to snuggle, parents crave the real estate of a bed with only one person in it.

These are the subtle hints each day that remind us that yes, indeed, we have a different lens with which we view the world.

For instance, I can name all the members of The Backyardigans, the last movie I saw in a theatre was Pirates Band of Misfits, and the last book I read was All The Hippos Go Berserk.

Go ahead, see what other parents are saying, and then add your own to the list.

You Know You’re A Parent, When …..

  • Winning! 1 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You achieve something at work, your first thought is to sing the "We Did It" song from Dora.
    - Stephanie Winans

    Image Credit: Valerie Everett
  • Driving 2 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You see a garbage truck, you yell "GARBAGE TRUCK!" ... even when you're not with your kids.
    - Meghan Gesswein

    Image Credit: Dion Hinchcliffe
  • At Work 3 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You pull your laptop out of your bag during a meeting and an action figure falls out on the conference room table.
    - Amber Doty

    Image Credit: Gord Webster
  • Worried 4 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You wake up to see why your child IS sleeping!
    - Julie VR

    Image Credit: Thomas Pompernigg
  • When You Gotta Go 5 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You ask other adults where the potty is.
    - Shannon Hilton

    Image Credit: Michael Gray
  • Eating Out 6 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... Choosing a restaurant, you tend to favor the ones with Keg-sized glasses of wine and kid's menus.
    - JP Holecka

    Image Credit: avlxyz
  • Shopping 7 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You finally find the time to go shopping by yourself and the first store you hit is Gap Kids.
    - Regina Principe

    Image Credit: Bjorn Bulthuis
  • Walking 8 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You've swallowed your kid's gum because there wasn't a garbage anywhere nearby.
    - Jeff Rutledge

    Image Credit: James Green
  • Thoughtful 9 of 9
    You Know You're A Parent When ... You ask your friends if they have to go potty before you leave a restaurant/store/house.
    - Casey Mullins

    Image Credit: Deb Gray

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