You Might be the Parent of a Tween if…

Raising a tween is hard work. I never would have imagined longing for the day when my biggest worry was whether my kid might choke on a grape or get hurt on the playground, but I do. Today I worry that my budding teen might fall in with the wrong crowd, say yes to drugs, or worse.

Parents of kids ages 9 to 12 understand that their tweens are belonging less to them and more to the world every single day by virtue of their behavior.


  • The tween gene 1 of 22

    Take a look at the following behaviors that confirm you're the parent of a tween!

  • Your kid hates their name 2 of 22

    Your kid hates their name for no other reason than the fact that you gave it to them.



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  • You can’t impress your kid 3 of 22

    It used to take so little to impress your kid, now it takes owning a private jet and a small island .



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  • Your kid understands sexual innuendo… 4 of 22
    shutterstock_48381430 (1)

    ...enough to make you both uncomfortable.



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  • You’ve been schooled on the art of proper selfies 5 of 22

    "No Mom, not like that!" she says as she proceeds to point the camera at a downward angle, arch her back, and make the fiercest duck lips you've ever seen.



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  • Your kid knows a better way 6 of 22

    Anything you can do your tween can do better. Your tween can do anything better than you.



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  • You’re lame/wrong/too old 7 of 22

    Let's just decide that you won't be right in your kid's eyes until sometime in their mid-twenties.



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  • Your kid communicates without speaking 8 of 22

    Eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, and heavy sighs can only mean one thing: your tween thinks you're an idiot. Only, you know, we can't all be idiots.



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  • You know less than your kid’s BFF 9 of 22

    You'll never be smarter than your kid's BFF, because obviously.



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  • Your kid starts a diary 10 of 22

    Dun dun dunnnnnn! It's like the kid version of starting a blog. ::shudder::



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  • Your kid texts faster than you do 11 of 22

     Your tween tickles the keypad with more agility and speed than you've ever seen - and they don't even have a phone!


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  • Your kid smells 12 of 22

    Puberty is smelly and so is your kid.



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  • There’s no food in your house 13 of 22

    Growing tweens eat a lot. And so do their friends.



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  • You know way too much about braces 14 of 22

    Expanders, head gears, and rubber bands - oh my! From what not to eat to how to properly care for mouth metal, you know everything your teenage self hoped you'd forget.


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  • You speak and your mother comes out 15 of 22

    You find yourself repeating phrases your mother used quite on accident. Leave it to your tween to bring out your mother in you.



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  • Your kid speaks less than 20 words a day (to you) 16 of 22

    If you're the parent of a tween, you hear the following words (but not more than a combined total of 4 times each) daily:

    • Yes
    • No
    • Whatever
    • "K"
    • Fine


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  • You just don’t understand 17 of 22

    The world is ending at least three times a day and you just don't get it. Hugs, kisses, and sage advice might not save your tween from the end of the world, but keep giving them anyway.



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  • Your kid is tired 18 of 22

    Apparently it takes loads of energy to attend school, play video games, watch TV, and gossip with friends because your tween is always tired.



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  • Your kid feels all alone 19 of 22

    Even with the whole family within arm's reach, your tween feels like it's he against the world. Remember: it's your tween's world, you're just living in it.



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  • You’re broke 20 of 22

    From brand name shoes and must-have electronics, your tween always has his hand out! And here you thought diapers were expensive...


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  • Your kid speaks a different language 21 of 22

    From text acronyms to crazy tween slang, you probably find yourself SYH more often than not. 


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  • Your kid wants to be left alone 22 of 22

    "Just leave me alone!" says your tween seconds before a door slam. Have it your way, but when you get bored with all that, we're here for you.



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