Wow! Americas Most Talented Kids Ever?


  • Old-School A Cappella 1 of 30
    These kids were just normal grade-schoolers until their music teacher Gregg Breinberg posted a video of his chorus singing Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" on YouTube. Now they count Ashton Kutcher, Stevie Nicks , and Tori Amos as fans — and you, once you watch their incredible performances.
  • Awesome Breakdancers Come In Small Packages 2 of 30
    This group consisting of a ten-, eight-, and nine-year-old have skills that rival dancers with ten years on them. They wowed the crowd on America's Got Talent — and we can't stop watching them either.
  • The Ultimate Viral Video 3 of 30
    What day of the week is it? Rebecca Black will help you: "Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday…" Although this thirteen-year-old has been reviled as having the worst video on Youtube — you can't deny it's catchy.
  • 10-Year-Old Tell Us Were Okay Born This Way 4 of 30
    Lady Gaga has some devoted fans. 10-year-old Maria Aragon's love of the singer's newest album led her to post this video on YouTube — and her talent earned her 39 million views and a visit to the Ellen show.
  • Greyson Chance sings Paparazzi 5 of 30
    He may be singing Lady Gaga's paparazzi, but with a voice like this, we predict this 13-year-old will be running after the camera hounds soon enough.
  • The 10-Year-Old Opera Sensation 6 of 30
    Jackie Evancho has been on YouTube for a while, but with her appearance on America's Got Talent she became an overnight sensation. She's totally destined for the big time.
  • 12-Year-Old Yodeler 7 of 30
    She taught herself how to yodel at seven years old and has been hollering her heart out ever since.
  • 6-Year Old Piano Prodigy 8 of 30
    This little girl has already played the White House and composes most of her own music — and she's only six. Yes. Six.
  • It’s in Her Genes or Her Hair 9 of 30
    When Will Smith's daughter Willow released her catchy single "Whip My Hair," it became an internet sensation, debuted at number 11 on the Billboard top 100, and — oh yeah — she wasn't even 10 years old yet. Now that's star power.
  • 7-Year-Old Kid Killing the Drum Solo 10 of 30
    Watch this kid go nuts on the skins.
  • Little Kid Breakdancer 11 of 30
    We have an inkling he totally rules the schoolyard with these killer moves.
  • Acrobatic Geniuses 12 of 30
    Now that's patience. These two young kids perform a serene, slow, complicated routine. Amazing focus and flexibility.
  • 2-Year-Old Has Impeccable Geography Skills 13 of 30
    This two-year-old can locate on a map a slew of countries that even we can't identify.
  • 17-Month-Old Girl Reading 14 of 30
    We're not kidding. See it to believe it.
  • Kid Parallel Parks Perfectly 15 of 30
    Uh…most adults can't park like that.
  • 5-Year-Old Rapper 16 of 30
    WOW. This little wordsmith has got it going on!
  • Mini Michael Jackson 17 of 30
    A bit creepy just how well he channels MJ, but still pretty darn amazing.
  • 8-Year-Old BMX Phenom 18 of 30
    Only eight and already doing 360s and backflips on his BMX — crazy.
  • Amazing 11-Year-Old Basketball Player 19 of 30
    Someone get a basketball scout on the blower, stat!
  • Future Pool Shark 20 of 30
    You HAVE to see this. This kid does trick shots, puts English on the ball and can clear the table in no time flat.
  • Dance Dance Revolution Star 21 of 30
    If you consider yourself a Dance Dance Revolution pro, think again. This 5-year-old kid would kick your butt.
  • 2-Year-Old Golfer 22 of 30
    This two-year-old is on his way to becoming the next Tiger Woods. Oh wait…it is Tiger Woods!
  • Amazing Contortion Girl 23 of 30
    Um, ouch.
  • Yo-Yo Champ 24 of 30
    Most kids have trouble simply working the yo-yo up and down, but this dude can go up, down, forward, backward — pretty much any way the string will let him.
  • Hitting the Slopes with a 4-Year-Old 25 of 30
    This little girl takes the slopes like she's been doing it all her young, young life. We smell a future Picabo Street.
  • Iraqs Youngest Certified Photographer 26 of 30
    This boy started fiddling with cameras at four years old. Now in the second grade, he's a card-carrying member of the Iraqi Photographer's Association, has held exhibits and even has his own business cards.
  • Finger-Painting Phenomenon 27 of 30
    Well, this takes finger painting to a whole new level.
  • 8-Year-Old Harpist 28 of 30
    When you think child-friendly instruments, you usually think piano or violin. But this kid's masteredthe harp.
  • Boxing Bam Bam 29 of 30
    While most kids his age are playing in the park or riding their Big Wheels, this little dude is sparring and boxing in the ring. And he's incredible.
  • Ballroom Dancing Divas 30 of 30
    Watch out, Dancing with the Stars! These pre-teen twinkle toes are just 11 and 12 years old!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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