10 Spanish Phrases to Motivate and Praise Your Child

10 spanish phrases to motivate and praiseAs a child I remember always having family around praising me and motivating.  Though my family was mostly Spanish speaking, it’s those very memorable Spanish phrases of support that stuck with me as an adult. It is very important to motivate our children and praise them when they are doing their best. I’ve decided to encourage my kids in all they do especially with their efforts to learn Spanish.

My parent’s support and their words were one of the most important things they could have done for me. It gave me the confidence to keep trying and I felt a great sense of reward knowing my family was always cheering me on.

Now as a mother, I feel it is crucial for my children to know how proud I am of them and how I believe all they put their minds to. While my kids are still very young I make a point to be excited and happy about everything they share with me. Whether it’s a new sand castle or learning to twirl around these are things that are important to them and I am willing to cheer them on.

The next time your kids need your support be present with your words. Praise their academics, milestones, sports, or any other extra circular activities. Let’s continue to be our children’s biggest cheerleaders!


Here are 10 Spanish phrases to motivate and praise your children

  • 10 Spanish Phrases to Motivate and Praise you child 1 of 11

    Scroll through the slides to learn what 10 Spanish phrases are commonly used in our family to motivate and praise our kids. 

  • You are super great 2 of 11

    Kids get so excited when they learn to do something new praise them by saying "Eres super genial" 

  • You are doing fantastic 3 of 11

    Our daughter recently learned to fly a paper plane. She would get so frustrated but we kept reassuring her and motivating her by saying "Estas haciendo fantastico"

  • I am proud of you 4 of 11

    When our son learned to spell out his name I was over joyed I shouted "Estoy orgullosa de ti"

  • I believe in you 5 of 11

    Tell your kids you believe in them. Those simple words of motivation are very rewarding. Yo creo en ti goes a long way! 

  • You did an amazing job 6 of 11

    We make a lot of crafts and a great way to praise the kids is by admiring their work "hisciste un trabajo asombroso" is a great phrase. 

  • You can do it 7 of 11

    Cheer on and motivate by saying "Lo puedes hacer"

  • Well done 8 of 11

    Praise a job well done by saying "bien hecho"

  • Do not give up 9 of 11

    I remember hearing "no te rindas" from my grandfather when I was learning to ride a bike with no training wheels. He made  it a point to tell me to not give up.

  • I knew you could do it 10 of 11

    Praise when a task is accomplished "Yo sabia que podias hacerlo" This helps build confidence. 

  • Keep trying 11 of 11

    My dad's most memorable words to me and his way of supporting and motivating me " echale ganas"


How do you motivate and praise your child?

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