10 Spanish Questions About Feelings

10 spanish questions about feelingsOur bilingual journey continues as the kids visit grandma and grandpa and hear everyone speak Spanish, Spanglish and English. My father speaks Spanish and just recently I realized he has been asking Spanish questions about feelings to the kids. He will ask how they are or how they are feeling.  They have begun to associate feelings with words all in Spanish.

I noticed my son upset I wasn’t sure if he was frustrated or angry. I made it a point to ask in Spanish. I made faces and used my hands before translating to English. I was surprised he was able to understand and said I am not angry! He might have been lying about his feelings but he gave me a response he would have told me had I asked in English anyways.

I now make it a point to ask how my kids are feeling randomly throughout the day. It’s hit or miss but I continue to expose them to the language.

Here are 10 Spanish questions about feelings you can try too!


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    10 spanish questions about feelings

    Scroll through the slides for 10 Spanish questions about feelings kids may experience. 

  • Tired 2 of 11

    Do you have sleepy little ones. This one is popular with my daughter. While she refuses to nap occasionally she will tell me I'm tired or cansado(a). 

    Pronounced: kahn-sah-dow(da)


  • Angry 3 of 11

    My kids tend to get angry a lot especially when daddy isn't around. Can you tell who is the disciplines the most?

    That's ok, they know feeling angry or enjoado(a) doesn't last long if grandma and grandpa are around. 

    Pronounced: ehno-ha-dow(da)

  • Confused 4 of 11

    With traveling and moving around from place to place my kids tend to get a bit confused. This has been a perfect time to ask are you confused or confundido(da)?

    Pronounced: cone-foon-dee-dow(da)

  • Happy 5 of 11

    Happy or feliz should be a constant feeling. I live to see my kids happy. 

    Pronounced: feh-lease

  • Scared 6 of 11

    Are your kids scared of the dark or monsters maybe? Tienes miedo is a constant question in our home right before bedtime or if we are out and it's dark. 

    Pronounced: mi-eh-do

  • Sad 7 of 11

    If you've ever found your little one in a corner watching other kids play chances are they are sad, triste.

    Pronounced: tr-ease-teh

  • Proud 8 of 11

    With my son entering school soon we've been practicing his name spelling, numbers and alphabet. He has gotten so great at dictation and remembering. I couldn't be more proud, orgullosa(o), of him.

    Pronounced: or-goo-yo-so(sa)

  • Surprised 9 of 11
    spanish questions about feelings: surprised

    Have an upcoming birthday see if you can get the kids surprised. I think this is the perfect time to ask Estabas sorprendido(a)?

    Pronounced: soar-pren-dee-dow(da)

  • Cheerful 10 of 11

    What makes your little ones cheerful? Ask them que te hace sentir alegre?

    Pronounced: aleh-greh

  • Frustrated 11 of 11

    Sometimes as parents we can get a bit frustrated share what has you frustraded, frustrado, with them 

    Pronounced: froo-straw-dow(da)


What are some of your kid’s common feelings?

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