10 Superstitions My Mexican Family Believes

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Imagine asking  for someone to pass the salt shaker but not being able to receive it in hand? Or how about, cleansing an inconsolable baby with an egg rub down? Ya, I’m superstitious!

I grew up doing some crazy things, but to me they weren’t so crazy. There are many superstitions my family believes in that are among our Mexican traditions.

It wasn’t until I was in my teens and even after I got married that I realized my beliefs were indeed superstitious. Many of these beliefs come from deep in our roots and are still practiced in our family today.

I realized the magic and also the chaos of believing in extreme superstitions.  As I became a mother, some superstitions I became a firm believer of while others just were to silly for me to continue to practice.

See how many of the superstitions listed below you’ve heard of or even believe in

1. The Evil Eye

A baby being admired and not touched can leave them with that desire to haunt them. This is known as the Evil Eye or “Mal de Ojo”. The baby becomes sick with a fever and cries unable to be consoled. To cure, a ritual with a raw egg is performed on the baby. The egg is then disposed in a glass of water to expose the evil.

2. Pass The Salt Or Not

Asking to have the salt passed to you in hand is seen as asking for another’s bad luck. In Spanish “La Mal Sal” means the bad salt or used as slang for bad luck. Instead, believers of this superstition must ask for the salt to be placed down before they can take possession.

3. Don’t Leave Your Purse On The Floor

Putting your purse on the floor or ground is seen as bad luck. It’s thought of as you giving your money away. It is best to keep the purse near you and guarded.

4. Don’t Sweep The Single’s Feet

It is said that sweeping a single (non-married) person’s feet is giving back luck. The bad luck is bad relationships or never being married. In other words you are sweeping any luck of marriage away.

5. Buzzing Ear

A buzzing or ringing ear is said to mean that someone is talking about you. Some believe the right ear means good and the left is bad talk. If your left ear is buzzing then you are to bite your tongue in hopes of the person biting their tongue as punishment for talking bad about you.

6. Share Your Nightmares

Having a nightmare must be shared especially when involves people you know. Sharing the nightmare is said to break any chances of the nightmare from happening in real life. The nightmare must be spoken out loud and not just shared.

7. Safety Pins And Full Moons

When a woman is pregnant she is to protect her unborn child from diseases, loss, and even deformation from a full moon. To protect her unborn child she must place a safety pin as close to her belly as possible.

8. Don’t Scratch Your Palm

Never scratch an itchy palm. The significance of an itchy palm is a sign of money coming your way. Scratching only drives that wealth away. You are to, instead, place money, either coins or dollar bills, in the palm and squeeze until the urge to scratch fades.

9. Penny Licking

A quick bloody nose solution is said to be solved by licking a penny and placing it on your forehead. Once the penny dries it can be removed and the blood flow will have stopped.

10. A Pregnant Woman Must Not Cut Or Dye Hair

A pregnant woman is not to cut or dye her hair. It is said that by doing so would be like cutting the umbilical cord or causing harm to her unborn child.

Are you superstitious?

What are some of the craziest superstitions you’ve heard of?

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