10 Things I Miss About Living At Home

When I was 17 years old, I counted the days before I turned 18 years old and I could actually move out. I can now say my parents were absolutely right when they said it wasn’t easy being independent. However, they didn’t warn me about the things I’d miss when I would be living at home. I moved back less than a year later, and I vowed to move out when I finally got married. Still, there are many things I miss about living at home.

I wasn’t really the rebellious type of kid. I think moving out was one of the craziest, if not the craziest, things I did. Not only was it against what my parents believed, but it was a total act of soul searching. My parents are traditional in the way that they dreamt of me moving out when I’d get married. I actually played by the rules because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. I had been working since I was old enough to get a job permit, and I was already enrolled in college by the time I moved out. I did a lot of volunteer work for my community, thanks to my mom, and I truly enjoyed my life. I must have felt like the time to leave the nest was then. I don’t know what I was possibly thinking at 18 years old to think it would be so easy.

When I finally did move out, I missed living with my family and living at home. I missed the things I overlooked and the things I didn’t think would matter. Now that I am married and living across the country, I miss some of the same things again. I call my parents daily just to see what they are up to, and I can almost feel like I am still there. It only makes moments after harder. I sometime wish I was living at home again.

If I can name the top 10 things I miss about living at home, they would be the following:

1.     My dad’s cooking: He makes the best Mexican food. His background of working in restaurants really gave him an authentic style to his cooking. I miss his refried beans and enchiladas the most!

2.     Conversations with my mom: My mom gives the realest advice! She always says, “You may not like what I have to say, but it’s the truth!” I hear ya, ma!

3.     My brothers’ conversations: My brothers are younger than I am, and to hear what they talk about is hilarious. Sometimes I would roll my eyes at them. The majority of the time, I  just laughed as I heard them talk about life. They are amazingly creative, imaginative, and loving!

4.     My brothers laughing: When the house is quiet and you hear a chuckle, it instantly makes you laugh. My brothers are the perfect pick me up. They make you  want to know what they are laughing about.

5.     Cookie: The dog who once used to be mine still remembers me. She was my little companion on my days off or when I got home from school or work. She was the perfect comfort to a bad day or heartbreak. If only she could talk! She now keeps my parents company.

6.     My home to work commute: I loved living less than two miles from work and school. I loved being so close and not having to get up 3 hours before I needed to be at work to commute.

7.     My bedroom mirrors: I had sliding closet mirrors. One day I decided to write on them and put my favorite hip-hop lyrics. The lyrics are still up. My brothers never erased them off the mirrors.

8.     The corn, shaved ice, and fruit carts: My parents live in an area where we have people come by selling food in a cart. I grew up eating these as a kid. They were always so delicious. Even when I married and moved to another city, I missed these carts. It’s nice to know I can still enjoy them when I visit, but the cravings make me miss living at home so much.

9.     My dad’s whistling: My dad has the most distinct whistle. My friends would always ask how I knew it was my dad calling. There was no way it couldn’t have been my dad. This last time we visited, my kids actually picked up on the whistle. It’s cute to hear them do it at home now. When they whistle, it’s like I have a piece of home with me.

10.    Being the only girl: I mean, don’t get me wrong — my mom counts, but I was their only daughter and I miss that attention. My mom would surprise me with things I loved constantly. It was nice to always have my own room and not have to share like my brothers did. Being the only girl wasn’t so cool then, but I’d trade a few days of sanity to relive some of those moments.

Do you miss anything about living at home?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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