10 Things My Kids Love Doing Together

10 things my kids love doing togetherWhen I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my son was just 4 months old. I had so many emotions run through me. One was definitely feeling excited. My husband and I had discussed having our kids grow together close in age. I never imagined they’d only be 13 months apart. I couldn’t ask for them to have a closer bond. There are so many things my kids love doing together.

When my daughter finally arrived, my son kissed her and then kept moving. He wasn’t very interested in her, but eventually he came around. It was finally when she was big enough to make silly noises that I saw the relationship my husband and I longed our kids to have really develop. They’ve been inseparable.

Now they are attached at the hip. They have their days where they’d much rather not hang out together, but it’s not long before one starts missing the other. This year, their friendship and bond have been more evident. They do many things together. I love sitting back and just watching how they interact.

Here are a few of their favorite things to do:

  1. Taking pictures together: They have a kid camera of their own and also are pretty good at working the iPad camera.
  2. Building Lego cities: Dad’s love for Legos has rubbed off. They each have their case of Lego bricks, but they refuse to keep their pieces separate. They’d much rather build a city together.
  3. Reading books: Bedtime isn’t the only time they ask for books. I’ve caught them sitting together flipping through pages and discussing what they see in the pictures. It’s interesting to hear their conversations.
  4. Making crafts: Our craft station is used often. They love to make pictures for dad and mom. They collaborate in many of their crafts.
  5. Collecting stickers: If one gets a sticker, the other must have the same. Their collection is just growing.
  6. Playing video games: I never thought they’d be playing video games at 4 and 5 years old. They are a great team against Dad and I.
  7. Singing in the car: “It’s a Small World” has been sung nonstop this year, and hearing it from two little voices can be interesting for a car ride.
  8. Playing with babies: They each have babies (stuffed animals), and we can’t possibly travel without them, not even to the market. If one forgets their baby while we are heading out the door, they make it a point to stop us in our tracks to make sure everyone has their corresponding baby.
  9. Sitting next to each other: They love sitting with each other. At dinner, they insist on being next to each other rather than across from each other. I enjoy their dinner dates.
  10. Riding bikes together: This is the newest of their favorites. They take care of each other while they go out to ride their bikes. They laugh and shout as they ride together.

I hope they continue to love one another and treasure their friendship.

Do your kids share a special bond? What are some of their favorite things to do together?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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