10 Ways to Make Day of the Dead Memorable

Day of the Dead is more than just a holiday of remembrance and cultural traditions to my family. Day of the Dead means keeping the memory of those who have passed alive for those who never got to experience the joys and wisdom of our late relatives. This is why it’s important to celebrate Day of the Dead with my family, especially my kids.

My children often ask who my grandparents were. I was fortunate to have met all my grandparents and even some great grandparents, too. Being able to share stories and memories I had with them is important for my kids to learn about our family, culture, and traditions. When I married my husband, we celebrated Day of the Dead together, and though we are from two different cultures, we included his late relatives in our celebration, too. Now my kids know every year for Day of the Dead, Daddy and Mommy’s grandparents and great grandparents are remembered when we celebrate.

celebrate day of the dead

Celebrating comes easily when you have memories and stories. Here are 10 ways to make Day of the Dead memorable with your family!

  1. Make an ofrenda every year Build an ofrenda or alter for Day of the Dead with the whole family. Talk about every piece you include and ask the kids why it’s important.
  2. Offer some baked goods– My grandparents had a sweet tooth, so cookies and cupcakes are a win. Make themed sugar skull cookies, sugar skull cupcakes, or a sugar skull cake for your offering and celebration. It’s the perfect baking activity for Day of the Dead.
  3. Personalize ornaments– These Day of the Dead Ornaments can be used for Day of the Dead and Christmas, too! If you feel like adding some love to your Christmas, consider adding them to your tree! They are a great craft for the whole family.
  4. Read books together– Storytime happens every night of the week in our home. Make it a themed night with these 13 Day of the Dead books.
  5. Sugar skull facePaint your face for Day of the Dead and learn about the history of the sugar skulls.
  6. Make a memory book– Document your celebration by placing photos and stories each year you celebrate Day of the Dead.
  7. Pan de muerto– Learn to make the traditional bread for Day of the Dead.
  8. Make art– Kids are visual and can express themselves via art. Ask them to create a piece of art for your ofrenda.
  9. Give a toast– Make some champurrado and say a special toast for your loving relatives.
  10. Get involved– If you are lucky enough to live in a community where Day of the Dead is celebrated, attend events. Many times museums or community centers have events. Get involved with your family!

How do you plan to make Day of the Dead memorable this year?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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