12 Beautiful Day of the Dead Plush Dolls

When it comes to Day of the Dead creativity, I can expect to see vibrant colors on a variety of art, décor, and crafts. I was excited to see that the trend of handmade goods is growing this year too. As a crafter myself, it’s those items made by others who have a fondness for our culture that mean the most. I was able to find many beautiful and kid-friendly plush dolls for my kids.  Dolls would not only be an amazing addition to our celebration, but definitely add to the value of learning and loving our Mexican Holiday.

Both my kids are extremely fond and attached to stuffed plush dolls. We have a whole toy bin full but nothing comes close to a cultural themed doll. I know it would be beneficial to our family to teach our kids about our holiday and tradition through something they love and relate to. Day of the Dead would be extra special if they could love on a  Day of the dead doll of their own.

I went on a hunt to find the cutest Day of the Dead themed plush dolls and these are the beauties I found.

  • Calavera Doll 1 of 12

    This little skeleton is simple and cute. It's made with eco fi felt and has bright embroidery. It's adorable

    Buy this Calavera Doll at TheToyCove

  • Dia de los Muertos Owl 2 of 12

    This is an adorable felt owl with a sugar skull stitching. The design is simple and would make a great gift for any child. 

    Buy this Dia De Los Muertos Owl Felt Soft Sculpture at GreenOwlCuriosities


  • Sugar Skull Frida 3 of 12

    I love this doll. It reminds me of the handmade dolls I use to have as a kid. It is a great take on Frida on Day of the Dead!

    Buy this Sugar Skull Frida Doll at ImStuft

  • Sugar Skull Skeleton Doll 4 of 12

    The embroidery on this doll makes it so worth it! The colors are vibrant and the face expression is kid-friendly and cute! A total win. 

    Buy this Sugar Skull Skeleton Doll at JessQuinnSmallArt

  • Day of the Dead Bear 5 of 12

    How cute is this little bear. The detail on his face is beautiful I love the swirls and rhinestones.  His little skeleton body with a heart is perfect! My son would love this Bear.

    Buy this Day of the Dead Bear at cherrywaves0123

  • Dia de los Muertos Plush Bear 6 of 12

    Another amazing bear this one with bright eyes and detailed designs. The simple body details make this a perfect gift for any child. 

    Buy this Dia de los Muertos Plush at SnailAndCicada

  • Sugar Skull Sock Monkey 7 of 12

    If the Sock Monkey could be any cuter it would be this Day of the Dead one! The amazing details on the head and the vibrant colors make this perfect Sugar Skull Sock Monkey ever!

    Buy this Sugar Skull Sock Monkey at oOXstaceyjeanXOo


  • Day of the Dead Frida Kahlo 8 of 12

    Day of the Dead Frida Kahlo is amazingly beautiful. I would want this doll for myself. From the head dress to the face decor to the dress its self yells Frida! 

    Buy this Day of the Dead Frida Kahlo at PalookaHandmade

  • Lupita 9 of 12

    This handmade doll is dressed in traditional Day of the Dead wardrobe She may not have her face done like a sugar skull but her skirt is just as detailed and vibrant. 

    Buy this Lupita Handmade Cloth Doll in Day of the Dead wardrobe at belovddollies

  • Day of the Dead Skeleton 10 of 12

    I want to call this Skeleton doll a bicultural doll While all dress for Day of the Dead the doll wears proudly tropical flower fabric with an Ohana heart! Genius!

    Buy this Day of the Dead Skeleton at ChelyBeans 

  • Tiny Rag Doll 11 of 12

    Don't forget your kids dolls have to celebrate too! I love the idea of dolls having dolls. This mini rag doll is al dressed for dia de los muertos. I'ts adorable and handmade!

    Buy this Tiny Rag Doll at DevoutDolls

  • Sugar Skull Octopus 12 of 12

    I would have never ever imagined seeing an octopus dressed for dia de los muertos but its a brilliant idea! The gorgeous Octopus plus is wearing festive flowers and even has a sugar skull face. The beads on the legs give it a great attention to detail. I love it! 

    Buy this Handmade Stuffed Octopus at Octostitches 

How do you incorporate handmade goods in your holiday celebrations?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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