12 Fun Nature Activities for Kids

One of my favorite pastimes before having kids was to go under a huge maple tree and watch the leaves fall. I called it “the dance of fall.” It was so relaxing and lovely to watch them twirl, flip, and frolic on their way down.

Now that I have kids, we always try to find ways to get back to nature. Our schedule is so busy, so we tend to do more of the just enjoying nature than creating with it. Below, I share a little bit of both for those who are busy and don’t have time to create, and for those of you who want to feel nature heart pounding in the palm of your hands as you feel the wet dirt sliding off your fingers.

This is a great way to spend time with your kids and give them an opportunity to explore nature.

  • 12 Nature Activities for Kids 1 of 13
    nature activities for kids

    This collection of outdoor nature activities has you exploring and creating with nature. And for those of us who just want to be in it, there are activities for you, too!

  • Leaf Art 2 of 13
    leaves crafts

    Leaf art is so fun and can be as simple as adding eyes to an oval leaf and calling it a fish.

    via Ko-Ko-Ko Kids

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable 3 of 13
    nature scavenger hunt printable

    I love how this scavenger hunt gets you experimenting nature by touching, listening, smelling...

    Free printable at Inspired by Familia

  • Explore Easy Gardening 4 of 13
    gardening for kids

    My son has a gardening "class" at school, and I have been amazed at how interested in it he's become and how it's peaked his curiosity on how things are made and where food comes from. Try making a small "garden" with your kids!

    via Housing a Forest

  • Backyard Camping 5 of 13

    I love this no-sew, easy-to-put-up-in-the-yard tent. Perfect for some backyard tent fun!

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Paint with Mud 6 of 13
    paint with mud

    There's nothing like feeling the cold wet mud in your hands to get you in touch with nature.

    via Camp Slop

  • Get Out of the City! 7 of 13

    Seriously, if you live in the city, go for a drive out in the country or look up the closest farm near you. This is pumpkin season, so I am sure it won't be hard to find your own pumpkin or apple farm. If you live in the country, then go explore it!

  • Nature Sculpture 8 of 13
    leaf sculpture

    We made some of these last year. So easy and fun!

    via Plum Pudding

  • Go Biking! 9 of 13

    Bike riding can be super fun. Rent a bike if you don't have one.

  • Tin Can Nature Game 10 of 13
    tin can nature game

    These kids got creative with some sticks and tin cans.

    via See Jane Blog

  • Just Sit! 11 of 13

    Don't underestimate the power of just sitting and taking it all in. Find a field or a tree and just sit. 

  • Cooking with Mud Play 12 of 13
    cooking with mud play

    Who needs play dough when you have nature? I love all the fun pictures that the Imagination Tree has of her kids cooking with leaves, mud, sticks... 

  • Build a Fairy Garden 13 of 13
    fairy garden

    Oh my this is simply enchanting! Make your own fairy garden via Inner Child Fun

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