12 Mommy & Me Fitness and Play Ideas with Your Toddler

I am so excited to share with you these ideas and tips from our fitness expert Alaina Holland!  She will have us, note I said “us”, moving all month-long as we try to shake off  some of those extra summer pounds we may have gained and at the same time having fun with our children. Alaina has a degree in physical education and is a certified aerobics instructor so with each activity she tell you the area you’re toning, the how to and a tip.

There are a total of 28 exercises, for the other 16 moves and to get all the details that she shares on each exercise here.

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    12 mommy and me fitness and play ideas with your toddler
  • Baby Bicep Curl 2 of 13
    mommy and me exercises

    Our little ones love looking at our faces and being carried so this will be a big hit.

  • Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes 3 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 2

    I love how he's imitating mommy. 

  • Crawl Wild 4 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 3

    In some exercise moves it's purely fun for your little one in others they are actually also getting a fun workout like here. 

  • Abdominal Cuddle Twist 5 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 4

    Flatten those abs while you cuddle with your little one!

  • Seesaw Gluteus Maximus 6 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 5

    This is a great way to combine exercise and play by enjoying a seesaw with your kiddo.

  • Run with Mom 7 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 6

    Adding some cardio training to your workout will help you burn calories. 

  • Patty Cake 8 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 7

    This exercise will help tone your buttocks and legs.

  • Cowboy Ride 9 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 8

    Your little one will love this one but first make sure your back can handle the extra weight if not modify it or do it without the cowboy.

  • Planet in Motion 10 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 9

    Now doesn't this look like lots of fun! Make sure to stop by and get all the details on what areas you're working on and the how to here.

  • The Easy Split 11 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 10

    So I've never been able to do a split but I think I can handle this kind of split. 

  • Downward Dog 12 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 11

    This is a popular yoga move to help you get stretched out at the beginning and end of your workout.  

  • London Bridge is Falling Down 13 of 13
    mommy and me exercises 12

    This one is great for strengthening your core.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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