12 Yummy Fruit Snacks Your Kids Will Love

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Are you a “from scratch” cook or a “buy it ready to go” kind of cook? No matter where you fall, you’re probably joining tons of other moms who are scouring the aisles at the grocery store for yummy and healthy snacks to stock up on and recipes to pin. I’ve done some of the homework for you, so go grab your grocery list and jot down these fabulous ideas.

Start the school year off right, and add fruit and fruity snacks that are low in sugar to your shopping list. Did you know that, according to new snacking research from The NPD Group, fruit is not only the top snack food consumed in America, but it is also one of the fastest growing? So before you join the mad house at the grocery store, take a look at these recipes before you head out on your next grocery run.

In our house, we like to mix up snack time. Sometimes I pack their lunch with yummy fruit snacks, and other times I prepare fresh fruit that’s ready when they return from class. Here are some of our favorites!

  • 12 Yummy Fruit Snacks Kids Will Love 1 of 13
    12 yummy fruit snack ideas

    Simple and delicious snack ideas are important to have around in a home with growing kids. With three growing boys, I have to pack two snacks, and then they come home and want an after-school snack! Here's what they enjoy eating (and what I feel good about serving them, too)!

  • Grape Kabobs 2 of 13
    grape kabobs

    Easy, cute, and healthy — now that's a wonderful combination you can't pass up. You can even freeze grapes for a refreshing twist.  

    via A Spotted Pony

  • Apple Chips 3 of 13
    apple chips

    Don't they just look scrumptious? They are perfect for any time of the day!

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Fruit Sushi 4 of 13
    fruit sushi

    Such a genius idea: fruit sushi! I love the presentation of these little snacks! You can even serve them up for your next gathering.

    via Whole Living

  • Mouse Loves Cheese 5 of 13
    mouse pear snack

    I had to throw in this cutesy snack because it looked pretty easy. I like cute but not time-consuming recipes, so you'll enjoy this one!

    via Canadian Family

  • Mott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks 6 of 13
    motts fruit snacks

    Fruit-flavored snacks are simple and delicious. I like these because they are made with both real fruit and VEGETABLE juice! If you're on the go, just pack them in your purse or a lunch bag and you're set.

    via Betty Crocker® 

  • Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwiches 7 of 13
    peanut butter apple sandwiches

    What a fun and healthy twist to the PB&J sandwich. It's healthy and yummy! You can even mix it up some and make them with cheddar cheese.

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Chocolate Covered Kiwi 8 of 13
    chocolate covered kiwi

    Now this kind of fruit combo is what I'm talking about: fruit covered in chocolate! This makes me want to go buy some kiwi right now!

    via Showfood Chef

  • Homemade Fruit Leather 9 of 13
    fruit roll ups

    This picture makes me want take a bite of these fruit leather snacks. These take a bit longer to make, but the recipe is easy.

    via In Sock Monkey Slippers

  • Fruit Nachos 10 of 13
    fruit nachos

    I am just now discovering fruit nachos — so yum! I like how she uses pita bread over tortillas for a great low-fat alternative.

    via Picky Palate

  • DIY Fruit Snacks 11 of 13

    This recipe was really easy to make and it was yummy! You can make a whole batch and put them in baggies ready to go in a lunch bag.

    via Inspired by Familia

  • Fruit in Cone 12 of 13
    fruit in a  cone

    Now this is a healthy ice cream cone! You can mix this up with whatever fruit you enjoy.

    via See Vanessa Craft

  • Chocolate Covered Bananas 13 of 13
    chocolate covered bananas

    These remind me of my childhood! I'm going to get off the computer and go make some of these bad boys.

    via Keepin' It Kind 


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