13 Day of the Dead Books for Kindergarteners

When it comes to sharing my Mexican culture with my kids, I make it a point to include activities and fun reading books that they can reflect on. Day of the dead is no different than any other holiday we celebrate in our family. We like to get in to themed foods, crafts and of course bedtime stories. We spend a lot of time talking about our deceased relatives though my kids are still too young to understand. Luckily I’ve found a variety of books that share what Day of the Dead is all about.

Now that my son is in kindergarten, I find that the stories with the not-so-scary sugar skull are the best. It’s important to find not so scary books that are  helpful when educating my kids every year on Dia de los Muertos. Celebrating life and death is what Dia de los Muertos is all about. It helps if there is an activity or craft that goes along with our books. Most of the books we’ve found are perfect for pre-k and kindergarten to explore Day of the Dead.

Consider learning about Day of the Dead with your Kindergartener with these 13 books.


  • 13 Day of the Dead books for kids 1 of 14

    Scroll through for 13 books to celebrate and learn about Day of the Dead.

  • Daniela’s Day of the Dead 2 of 14

    This book is a great way to learn about ofrendas and why they are important part of Day of the dead. Learn about Daniela's family celebration of Day of the Dead after her grandfather has passed. 

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  • The Dead Family Diaz 3 of 14

    The Dead Family is a great way tot explore what the other side of the non-living can be like. This fictional story tells the tale of 2 boys one living and the other non-living. It's a cute story on what Day of the Dead is like and a great story on friendship. 

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  • Uncle Monarch 4 of 14

    This story is a great one to teach kids about the Mexican beliefs that Monarch butterflies are the souls of those who have passed. Monarchs are a great reminder that Day of the Dead is near too. Explore Day of the Dead with Lupita in this heartfelt story. 

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  • Felipa and the Day of the Dead 5 of 14

    Felipa is in search of her late grandmother's soul. This curious girl misses her grandmother and goes off to explore in the hopes of finding her grandmother's soul. This is such a sweet story. 

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  • Day of the Dead book 6 of 14

    This Day of the Dead book is all about facts. Learn when Day of the dead started and how different parts of Mexico celebrate.

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  • Clatter Bash 7 of 14

    Clatter Bash gives us a vibrant story on how the non-living return to party on Dia de los muertos. This story not only share how day of the dead is celebrated but also how there really is no true proof of the souls visiting us because they leave no trace behind after they party. This is a not so spooky cute story for the kids for sure! 

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  • Rosita y Conchita 8 of 14

    Rosita y Conchita is by far our favorite book for Dia de los Muertos. It not only has amazing illustrations but the story rhymes and it's bilingual! I love reading this story every year to my kids. Rosita and Conchita have definitely won our hearts for Day of the Dead. 

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  • Just a Minute 9 of 14

    This story not only tells the tale of abuelita and her delayed list of chores before Day of the Dead celebrations begin it also helps kids count in spanish and english! 

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  • Day of the dead 10 of 14

    A story about a family that resides in a small town in Mexico offers great insight to the way they celebrate dia de los muertos. The book pages look as if they were cut out of papel piccado too! 

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  • The Festival of Bones 11 of 14

    Another story all about the fiesta of Day of the Dead. The band of skeletons sure knows how to shake, rattle, and roll! 

    This story is great for kinder, first graders and  bilingual readers!! 

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  • I remember Abuelito 12 of 14

    This story share yet another child who misses their grandparent. A sweet story for children with deceased relatives. It really gives hope that their souls do come out to visit us on Day of the Dead. Also a bilingual, English /Spanish book. 

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  • The Day of the Dead 13 of 14

    This book shares the story of two kids preparing for day of the dead with marigolds, sweet bread and lots of other important traditional items. This story is not only cute but bilingual too! 

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  • The Spirit of Tio Fernando 14 of 14

    A child prepares to meet up with his beloved uncle's spirit once again for Day of the Dead. This story shares the loves this family has for the uncle who has passed and the excitement of being able to share a moment with him again. 

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How do you teach your kids about your culture? 

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