14 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is almost here! There is so much I want to do with my kids to celebrate our heritage. Hispanic Heritage month is September 15-October 15. It’s important for me to not only celebrate our roots with my kids, but also to expose them to other cultures, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Since my family is bicultural, I take this time to really share our hispanic heritage with food recipes, crafts for the kids, and fun family activities. We like to share my family’s traditions and delicious food with my husband’s family, who didn’t grow up with them. I take great pride in sharing a little piece of myself, and I hope my kids will someday share it as well.

Living in California, where there’s a huge Mexican community, made celebrating much easier. There were many parades, festivals, and school celebrations to be a part of. Now that we live on the east coast, the celebrations are much different and far from the area we live. I realize I am not the only parent who may be feeling this way.

I try to do as much with my kids to expose them to various cultures and traditions. My kids may not be fluently bilingual in Spanish and English, but we do spend a lot of time singing songs, watching TV shows, and listening to others speak — all in Spanish.

Consider exposing your children to Hispanic Heritage Month and create your own celebration with the following activities:

  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 1 of 15

    Scroll through to discover fun ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! 

  • Notable hispanic inventors 2 of 15

    Teaching my kids about notable hispanic role models last year was very important. Learn about these hispanic role models with an activity to do with your kids, too:

    Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena- Inventor 

    Victor Celorio- Author/ Entrepreneur /Inventor 

    Victor L. Ochoa - Revolutionary and Inventor

  • History with Storyboards 3 of 15

    Cesar Chavez is more than just an honorable Hispanic mention; he is a great example of a leader in the hispanic community! Learn about a hispanic hero like Cesar Chavez with history and storyboards! Here are some ways to do so:

    5 reasons to pay tribute to Cesar Chavez

    Get inspired to create your own storyboard

  • DIY Pinata craft 4 of 15

    No celebration is complete without a piñata. Create these mini fiesta piñatas for your celebration! 

    DIY Mini Fiest Piñata Tutorial at Growing up Blackxican


  • Delicious Agua Fresca 5 of 15

    Agua de platano is a simply delicious beverage to cheer in celebration with. Create this Banana Water or Lime and Banana Agua Fresca.

  • Make Cultural Art 6 of 15

    Get creative with Mexican folk art! Mexican folk art is a form of storytelling, so have your kids tap their inner creative souls to make some of their own. 

    Follow this easy Mexican Folk Art Tutorial

  • Add Some Hispanic Flair to Your Outdoors 7 of 15

    Spruce up your flower posts with this easy DIY project that both you and the kids will have fun doing.

    Follow this easy tutorial : DIY Mexican Style Pattern Pottery

  • Bring the Festivities to Your Home Decor 8 of 15

    With less than five supplies, you can make these adorable potato stamp tea towels with a Talavera pattern, which is quite well known in cultural pieces. 

    Make your own tea towels with this tutorial.

  • Make Easy Treats, Like Paletas 9 of 15

    Paletas are very popular in many Latin American countries. Have fun making different flavors for your whole family to enjoy! This is a the perfect treat for a quick celebration.

    Learn more about Paletas from our visit to the Paleteria-Ice Cream Shop

    Make these easy popsicles with this two-ingredient Paleta recipe. 

  • Go on a Cultural Adventure 10 of 15

    Take the family to a Hispanic restaurant, museum, or any Latin American shop. We took a trip to the Mexican Bakery and made it a fun way to learn about sweet bread. We also made conchas, a type of Mexican sweet bread, with this easy Mexican bread recipe


  • Make Beautiful Paper Fiesta Flowers 11 of 15

    Thinking of having a little fiesta? Add some love to your decor with these beautiful flowers. Follow this easy Paper Flowers tutorial at Latinaish.com

    Photo credit Latinaish.com

  • Break a Pinata Open 12 of 15

    Add some piñata fun to your fiesta, but before you do, follow these do's and don'ts to stay safe!

    Read all about the do's and don'ts of celebrating with piñatas

  • Spanish Phrases for a Month 13 of 15

    Practice Spanish with the kids during the Hispanic Heritage Month. These easy Spanish phrases for kids are a great start, or try these awesome ways to motivate and praise your child in Spanish.

  • Celebrate with Cake 14 of 15

    Make a mug cake! These are the perfect size for little ones and can be created in less than 10 minutes. Tres leches, or three milks, cake is a popular Mexican cake. 

    Make your own with this Tres Leches Mug Cake Recipe 

  • Hearty Dinner with a Latino Twist 15 of 15

    Create a dinner menu that features hispanic flavors. Try this hearty meatball soup that only calls for seven ingredients! 

    Follow this easy Mexican Meatball Soup recipe 


How will you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?


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