15 Books for the First Day of Kindergarten

This year we are entering kindergarten. I say we because this has become a total family affair. We’ve done everything that we could as a family to prepare our kids for the idea of starting school. We turned to workbooks, videos, and reading books to learn more about the first day. We even started our collection of first day of  kindergarten books to ease the anxiety and really prepare for it.

As a mom I feel a sort of sadness seeing my first born no longer be baby but a big boy entering his school days. He will no longer be with me all day and so I know this will be an adjustment for both of us. His little sister is also having a hard time being separated from her sidekick, so these books have really helped prepare us all for the first day of kindergarten.

My parents were great at preparing me for school. I still remember them both being present  with other family members. They cheered me on even when I cried and helped  keep me calm on my first day of kindergarten. Though my father didn’t speak English well, he continued to make a presence at my school by walking to drop me off. He was was very involved and it made starting school easy for me. My mother was just as important at keeping my emotions in check. At home she helped start discussions on what I thought school would be like as well as picking the cutest clothes for school.

I hope to provide the same comfort for my son as he gets ready to enter Kindergarten. I’ve been preparing myself for my child to start school and I’ve talked to other mom’s to learn what I can buy or do to prepare for the first day.

Do you have someone starting school this year? Consider these 15 books to prepare for the first day of kindergarten.


  • Books for the First Day of Kindergarten 1 of 16

    Scroll through for 15 great books for the first day of kindergarten!

  • Kindergarten, Here I Come! 2 of 16

    This picture book shares all aspects of kindergarten which is why it's a great book to add to your library. It shares first days of school as well as 100th day school party! There is always something to look forward to in this book including its pictures! 

    Buy Kindergarten, Here I come!

  • Curious George’s First Day of School 3 of 16

    This familiar character offers great insight to my kids on the first day of school. Picking a book that has familiarity is a great sense of comfort for kids which is vital to being in a new place without you. 

    Buy Curious George's First Day of School 

  • Countdown to the First Day of School 4 of 16

    Our son is riding the bus for the first time EVER. This book gave us great insight as to what it's like to ride the bus how to prepare for school with supplies and also helping to ease anxiety.

    Buy Countdown to the First Day of School

  • Peca’s First Day of School 5 of 16

    Peca's first day of school is a great book about easing nerves and feeling overwhelmed. Her story captures the great experience her first day of school was. 

    Buy Peca's First Day of School 

  • Dora Explorer’s First Day of School 6 of 16

    We love Dora! Talk about exploring bilingualism on the first day of school. With Boots and Tico, Dora learns what going to school is all about. Boots learns some Spanish and Tico learns some English! Perfect for Bilingual immersion students! 

    Buy Dora's First Day of School

  • My First Day of School 7 of 16

    A great short bedtime story to read on the days before the first day of school. This one is in a rhyming format and hits key points like nervousness on the first day. 

    Buy My First Day of School


  • Now I’m Growing: First Day of School 8 of 16

    This book shares what type of activities await on the first day of school and how friendships will bloom in the classroom. A great book to the series of Now I'm growing books. 

    Buy Now I'm Growing: First Day of School

  • Little Iris’s First Day of School 9 of 16

    Iris's first day is great at showing kids what to expect and hits great key points of learning who the principal is and what attendance is. These are things every kindergartener will learn and need to know for the rest of their time in school.

    Buy Little Iris's First Day of School

  • Little Critter’s First Day of School 10 of 16

    Another great character my kids love. Little Critter offers a great series on various topics. This book is about Little Critters first day of school. A great bed time read for the days before school starts.

    Buy Little Critter's First Day of School

  • Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten 11 of 16

    This book is perfect for the superhero in your home getting ready to start school. It provides cute humor and a glimpse of what school will be like. With Adventure Annie and her cape the day is saved and all ends well. 

    Buy Adventure Annie goes to Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten Rocks! 12 of 16

    Does your child have an older sibling that's told them everything about kindergarten? Well this is the perfect book. It not only reassures a child who already was told what to expect but it teaches a kid and a dog all about why Kindergarten Rocks!

    Buy Kindergarten Rocks!

  • Mom, It’s My First Day of Kindergarten! 13 of 16

    This is a much needed book for me and dad. In a role reversal the child reassures mom that everything will be ok. This book is a great way to relieve anxiety for the whole family. 

    Buy Mom, It's My First Day of School!

  • Kindergarten Countdown 14 of 16

    Another great rhyming book for read aloud time. It shares how a little girl countdowns days before school starts and shares all the things she will do. It's such a cute read for all kids. 

    Buy Kindergarten Countdown

  • The Night Before Kindergarten 15 of 16

    Another great find on what to expect on that day of kindergarten from taking pictures the next morning to packing a lunch. The biggest key point in this book is learning to say bye to mom and dad. 

    Buy The Night Before Kindergarten 

  • Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten 16 of 16

    Miss Bindergarten preparing for her class of new students offers an insight to how teachers also have a to-do list to get ready for school. This is a great book to introduce your kids to kindergarten. 

    Buy Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten


How do you prepare your kids for the first day of school?

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