15 (Busy) Latina Bloggers Share their Time-Saving Beauty Tips

There’s never enough time to get ready in the morning. Never. I don’t know about you, but it seems like I’m always in a hurry! That’s why I love hearing how others save time when it comes to their beauty routines. And in an attempt to help speed things up on my end, I asked some of my favorite (and busy) Latina bloggers to share their time-saving beauty tips with us.

Whether it’s hair, makeup, nails, or even bathing — these ladies have it down. One of my favorite time-savers is adding a little bit of Moroccan oil to my damp hair and letting it air dry on i’s own. My hair is soft, a little wavy, and it has an amazing shine the entire day. This is just one way I save time when I’m on the go!

Share your favorite time-saving beauty tips with us below!

  • Rachel 1 of 16

    "I work from home. Sometimes I set a foot bath and soak while I work! It's relaxing but also great if you add a bit of honey and lemon for smooth skin." —Rachel

  • Amanda 2 of 16

    "Benefit's High Beam, Watts Up, and Benetint are the best products to get glowing skin, fast! Dot and blend High Beam or Watts Up on the brow and cheek bones, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow for a soft, dewy glow. Apply Benetint on the apples of the cheeks and lips for a rose-tinted color that lasts from morning to night." —Amanda

  • Daily 3 of 16

    "As a mom and entrepreneur I can use any minute I save to be productive and present with my princesses. As a curly haired girl I need extra time for my "hair" so it is very important to give it the time it needs and that I don't always have, what do I do? Overnight treatments using the green effect method: I wash my hair at night, apply a deep treatment and layer it up to let the treatment work with my natural scalp's heat. In the morning, I just rinse it out and style as usual; air dry or with a diffuser for those cold days. This method is not recommended if you have oily hair. This alone cuts about one hour of styling plus brings damaged, dry hair back to life overnight...literally." —Daily

  • Maria 4 of 16

    "Before having kids I would have never dreamed about using dry shampoo, but now, I really cannot live without it! I simply do not have the time to wash, blow dry and style my hair each day. I have a 4-year-old to get to preschool and a 9-month-old to look after, so you know, I'm a little busy. Using dry shampoo helps save me TONS of time. I wash my hair 1-2 times per week, and freshen up with dry shampoo giving it texture and shape. The truth is hair looks better with volume and the dry shampoo gives it shape. It's so good, I don't need hair spray to lock the waves or curls in place. My personal favorites are Bumble & bumble White Hair Powder or TRESemme Dry Shampoo. ¡Increíble!" —Maria 

  • Rory 5 of 16

    "As a mom on the go, I always wear primer that already has moisturizer. I apply it before my foundation. Not only does my skin look flawless, but it will save me time because I don't need to reapply. I swear primers are the best invention ever." —Rory

  • Sandrini 6 of 16

    "There's nothing more I love to do then to share my favorite tips. Taming your mane is one of them. I've always had fluffy, and frizzy hair, and most products I've used in the past never really worked to tame the wild beast. Sometimes it would take me close to an hour just to flat iron my hair. I recently ran into a product called L'Oreal Ever Creme Leave In Spray. Since I started using Ever Creme it cut down from an hour to just 20 minutes, and it leaves my hair feeling soft. Since I don't like washing my hair everyday because it makes my hair dry, another tip using this product is spraying it in my brush and brushing it through my hair on the second day to freshen up, and keep it smooth and smelling great." —Sandrini

  • Eva 7 of 16

    "Gong to the spa can be a time consuming task, but I love the way my skin and hair feels after a visit to the spa. To save time I created a home spa with all the essential products from my favorite spa and keep the basket next to my bathtub. To keep skin soft & supple, I use a natural, hydrating lotion on the daily basis after I shower and use a sugar exfoliator 2-3 times per month. To keep my hair shiny I use a brilliant spray on shine." —Eva

  • Carolyn 8 of 16

    "There are times when I have no time to find all my makeup. So, I use my bronzer not only as a replacement for my foundation and blush but as my eye shadow as well! Works every time." —Carolyn

  • Zadyr 9 of 16

    "I have a lot of hair and in order to curl and style my Afro-Latina mane it requires work and time. My usual routine was blow dryer-flat iron-curling iron which not only took up most of my morning but the constant use of heat tools was frying my hair- I needed to revamp my routine ASAP. So, I was ecstatic to discover "Bantu Knots" styling. At night I part my hair into seven pieces then I wrap each piece into tiny bun-like knots, to keep them from unwrapping I pin the ends with bobby pins. In the morning when I undo the knots my hair is curled and fabulous. It's both a time and hair saver." —Zadry

  • Jeannette 10 of 16

    "I've learned to use multipurpose products to cut down on time, because I am always rushing out the door in the morning. For example, I will use a CC cream that has color, SPF and also helps even my skin tone instead of applying a moisturizer, SPF cream and foundation. I also use a concealer that has SPF and is hydrating so I don't have to use eye cream in the morning. I also plan my outfit the night before, so I don't waste any precious minutes deciding what I am going to wear while I need to get the kids ready for school." —Jeannette

  • Andriana 11 of 16

    "When I'm on-the-go and I don't have enough time to wash my entire head of hair I focus on washing the top crown of my head. This is where my hair tends to get the oiliest, I then blow-dry that section out. It freshens up my roots and it's so simple and so fast!" —Andriana

  • Jai 12 of 16

    "My favorite tip is to use double duty products. I love Lavanila Shower and Shave. I seem to always run out of shaving cream. This product is a shower gel plus a shaving cream!" —Jai

  • Yvette 13 of 16

    "I keep it simple with my makeup and hair. Foundation is too heavy so I use a tinted moisturizer with a built in SPF. If I have to run a quick errand I'll brush on a bit of blush and add a dab of Vaseline on my lips for a gloss and never leave home with a pair of sunglasses to hide unconcealed eyes. I have long hair so when I'm in the kitchen cooking I usually let it air dry and then style it in a simple high ponytail or bun." —Yvette

  • Marla 14 of 16

    "If I know that I am going to be on the phone for quite a bit while getting ready—I'll take a shower, dry off, put on my headset and make my phone call while I doll up. It saves me so much time! Seriously! Sure it takes a little practice to get a system down of curling my hair, applying false eyelashes, etc. But this way, I don't feel bad and have to say "I'll call you back after I shower and doll up." —Marla

  • Natalie 15 of 16

    "I love Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream! It's great for days when I want a break from using makeup all week. It gives me the coverage I need and at the same time has eight great skin perfecting benefits." —Natalie

  • Nashelly 16 of 16

    "My latest time saving tip and obsession is using cream blush and shadows! It's so easy and quick to apply and you control it with your fingers, so you get the perfect amount of color deposit. I love the Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Color in Sandglow—perfect everyday shade and for cheeks, Pixi's Succulent Lip/Blush twin in Coral Camellia." —Nashelly

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