15 DIY Butterfly Crafts for Kids

The butterfly soars in children’s imaginations.

As a little girl I was captivated by the natural wonder of millions and millions of Monarch butterflies flying each year from Canada and the United States to the their lush sanctuary in Michoacán, México. They came for the winter and landed just down the road from me when I was a girl.

Sadly, they cover just a fraction of the forest area they used to now. Scientists are working hard to find out why. So much about them is a mystery. For instance, no single butterfly makes the round trip during its lifetime. The mystery of how they know how, then, to make it back to their winter home in Mexico is just starting to be unraveled.

If you want to see some beautiful footage about the migration, the Disneynature film Wings of Life, narrated by Meryl Streep, features it among other wonders of nature.

Of course I’m not the only one fascinated by them. The butterfly has captured the imagination of artisans everywhere, not least in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a city known for its many artisans, where they are often featured in art forms including pottery, glass, paper, wood, and textiles. And, of course, they’ve captured the imaginations of the artists featured here.

All this is what inspired me to gather this collection of 15 DIY butterfly crafts for kids. Enjoy!

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  • Origami Butterfly 2 of 16

    Many kids (and adults too!) find Origami relaxing and fun. Creating these butterflies takes less than half an hour. Make them flutter their wings by pushing their backs with the tip of your finger. Find instructions on how to make Origami butterflies here

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com


  • Butterfly Barretes 3 of 16

    I bet your butterfly lover would enjoy decorating these butterfly barrettes, by Cindy Littlefield at Spoonful.com.  

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com

  • Butterfly Switch Plate 4 of 16

    Put a smile on someone's face every time they switch on the light. Read the instructions for making this butterfly switch plate here.

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com

  • Paper Butterflies 5 of 16

    I saw these butterflies and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. They are so colorful and beautiful!! Agus from agusyournet.com gives us a bilingual step by step tutorial and template for making these paper butterflies here.

    Photo credit: ©Agus -agusyornet.com

  • Butterfly Mobile 6 of 16

    You'll be surprised by how fast you can make this butterfly mobile.  Just a template, scissors, ribbon, tape, glue and you're set!

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com

  • Hand Print Butterfly 7 of 16

    This is not just a craft! In this craft lesson, Kimberly from LearnCreateLove.com teaches her daughter about how butterflies taste food. I can't wait to try this with my two kids. 

    Photo credit: ©Kimberly - LearnCreateLove.com

  • Whimsical Butterfly Wall Stickers 8 of 16

    What a great way to decorate a room!  Making these whimsical butterfly wall stickers requires contact paper, paints and creative minds, for instructions and materials just click on the link. 

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com

  • Butterfly Magnets 9 of 16

    A very useful craft, I would love to have some of these on my fridge door to display my children's artwork and keep bills handy. Sara from Mom Endeavors shares a step by step tutorial on how to make these colorful butterfly magnets.

    Photo credit: ©Sara - MomEndeavors.com

  • Butterfly Finger Puppet 10 of 16

    Find those old, worn out, knitted gloves and make these adorable butterfly finger puppets.  Get the materials list and instructions by clicking on the link.

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com

  • Winged Wonders 11 of 16

    These butterflies are made with old magazine photos!! You just need a few pipe cleaners and you and your kids are set to go! Find the instructions to make these winged wonders here.

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com


  • Tissue Paper Butterflies 12 of 16

    Tissue paper is one of the 4 simple materials you need to do these adorable tissue paper butterflies.

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com


  • Cupcake Liner Butterfly 13 of 16

    A great craft to do with your young ones, it's simple, it's fast, it's beautiful.  Kimberly from LearnCreateLove.com tells how her 5 year old daughter came up with the idea for making these cupcake liner butterflies here.

    Photo credit: ©Kimberly - LearnCreateLove.com

  • Butterfly Hairclips 14 of 16

    Adorable summer accessories! Destri from TheMotherHuddle.com shares an amazing step by step tutorial with beautiful pictures on how to make these colorful butterfly hair clips here.

    Photo credit: ©Destri - TheMotherHuddle.com

  • Butterfly journal 15 of 16

    These two wing pattern butterflies are both original and beautiful. They can be use to cover a journal, a notebook or whatever you like. A perfect craft for the older kids in the house. You need just 7 materials and your imagination, find the instructions at Spoonful.com.

    Photo credit: ©Spoonful.com

  • Butterfly Terranium 16 of 16

    With just 4 materials and a little bit of time, Kirsten from 6th Street Design School shows how to make this lovely Mason Jar Butterfly Terrarium here

    Photo credit: ©6th Street Design School



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