15 Summer Workbooks for Kids

My kids are not in school yet but already they are working on summer workbooks. We are always on the lookout for great workbooks for kids; workbooks played a great part in my education and I want them to be important to my kids’ education as well.

Since I was a child and before even attending school, my parents shared how important it was to learn and to get an education. My mom worked on workbooks daily. Our routine was to do a page out of a workbook a day, but sometimes I asked to do two. She made learning fun and I worked hard to collect stickers that came in the workbook as inserts. The idea of learning wasn’t a drag; it was something I truly enjoyed.

Now as a mom, I’ve shared with my kids some cool workbooks and I try to make it as fun as my parents did with me. I’ll admit the variety of workbooks makes learning pretty easy and I enjoy seeing the kids progress and their writing skills improve. It not only makes me happy to see them learn, but they get so excited when I praise a job well done. It’s truly a great strategy to get kids to enjoy learning.

I am confident that workbooks will be a routine this summer in our home.

Consider stimulating your children’s minds this summer with these workbooks for kids:

  • Summer workbooks for kids 1 of 16

    Scroll through to view a variety of workbooks for kids for pre-k to 5th grade! 

  • Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K 2 of 16

    I remember doing Brain Quest Trivia when I was in school, so I was very excited when I came across their workbooks. This Pre-K workbook has a great amount of topics every preschooler should know, including letter tracing and age-appropriate fun and games! 

    Buy it here: Brain Quest Workbook Pre-k 

  • English-Spanish: Everything for Early Learning Kindergarten 3 of 16

    This book is perfect for bilingual kids! In our journey for bilingualism I find it to be very important to teach my kids in both languages. This book makes learning easy with 320 pages of activities. It helps to reinforce learning two languages at once with English on one side and Spanish on the other. 

    Buy it here: English-Spanish: Everything for Early Learning Kindergarten

  • School Zone Big Kindergarten Workbook 4 of 16

    School Zone was the company my parents trusted for my workbooks. I love that they have combined their workbooks into this 320 page BIG workbook. Their colorful pages and illustrations made learning fun at an affordable price.

    Buy it here: School Zone Big Kindergarten Workbook

  • Hooked on Phonics 1st Grade Spelling Workbook 5 of 16

    The trusty brand of Hooked on Phonics provides topic-specific workbooks to help kids in particular areas. I know spelling was very important and challenging in first grade I remember doing many activities and exercises to help with spelling. This is a great book for first graders. 

    Buy it here: Hooked on Phonics 1st grade Spelling Workbook

  • Preschool Starter Spanish 6 of 16

    Again, another great find for bilingual learners. This workbook offers the basics in vocabulary as well as as same/different and opposites exercises. 

    Buy it here: The Complete Book of Starter Spanish-Preschool-First Grade

  • Brain Quest Workbook Grade 2 7 of 16

    This Brain Quest Workbook for second graders offers skill exercises such as how to build a sentence, story starters, first fractions and time, to name a few. I love that there is a variety of key concepts that every second grader should know. Plus, let's not forget the fun and games!

    Buy it here: Brain Quest Workbook Grade 2

  • School Zone Third Grade Scholar Workbook 8 of 16

    Another great workbook by School Zone for third graders with skills like Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. This workbook is full-color and has 64 pages. 


    Buy it here: School Zone Third Grade Scholar Workbook

  • Spider-Man Second Grade Math Made Easy Workbook 9 of 16

    If you have a superhero-loving kid, this is the perfect workbook for him or her! I love that my son's favorite characters can make learning fun. This book offers 202 pages of math problems and activities. 

    Buy it here: Spider-Man Second-Grade Math Made Easy Workbook

  • Grade 3 Addition and Subtraction 10 of 16

    This Kumon Workbook offers addition and subtraction review, as well as more difficult concepts they'll soon see in school, like multiple-digit addition and subtraction. 

    With 96 pages of exercises!

    Buy it here: Grade 3 Addition and Subtraction

  • Grade 3 Word Problems 11 of 16

    One of my hardest challenges was word problems, so I love that this book is focused on just word problems. This workbook offers word problems about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and estimation.

    Buy it here: Grade 3 Word Problems

  • Brain Quest Workbook Grade 4 12 of 16

    This 320 page book offers exercises and activities for the following:  language arts, word searches and crosswords, idea clusters, multiplication and division, story problems, graphs, and time lines.

    And like most other Brain Quest Workbooks, it also includes a Fold out poster, an Award Certificate  and 150 stickers!

    Buy it here: Brain Quest Workbook Grade 4

  • Multiplication Grade 4 13 of 16

    Kumon Math Workbooks provide a great review of a topic as well as exercise. This Multiplication grade 4 workbook offers basic multiplication exercise and increases in difficulty throughout the book. Kids will learn to multiply two three-digit numbers.

    Buy it here: Multiplication Grade 4

  • Writing Grade 5 14 of 16

    This writing workbook for grade 5 offers great writing skills with topics such as learning to identify basic grammar concepts, using correct sentence structure, finding the main idea and supporting details, writing paragraphs, and developing creative writing skills. I think it's workbooks such as this one that help practice the fundamentals of writing. This is a great refresher for any young writer. 

    Buy it here: Writing Grade 5

  • Analogies 15 of 16

    This book on analogies offers great help and practice for kids learning to identify relationships and applying the same relationship in another context. I had the hardest time with analogies but once I practiced more it really helped.

    Buy it here: Analogies grade 4-5

  • Decimals and Fractions Grade 5 16 of 16

    This workbook offer practice with decimals and fractions! It is also a Kumon Math Workbook  with 96 pages of multiplying and dividing decimals  as well as adding & subtracting  fractions with common denominators.

    Buy it here: Decimals and Fractions Grade 5

 What are your thoughts on workbooks for kids?

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