16 Latino Recipes to Celebrate National Fruits and Veggies Month

Getting the kids to eat their daily fruits and veggies can be tricky.  Since September is National Fruits and Veggies Month and also the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month, I thought I’d share some wonderful fruit and veggie filled dishes, so that you can celebrate both at once. It’s never too late to introduce our family to delicious dishes that feature a variety of fruits and veggies

My main goal is to encourage my family, especially my kids, to meet their daily recommended fruits and veggies intake with home-cooked meals. The kids are at the age where “I don’t like that” is said before they even try a new and different food. I do everything possible to have them try a variety of fruits and veggies.  Wouldn’t  it be great to add Latino dishes full of fruits and veggies to your family meals?

I didn’t want to overwhelm my family with vegetarian-style dishes that had no familiarity in the flavors we are used to eating, so I was excited to learn many of my Latina food blogger friends had amazing options for me to choose from. I was able to find main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and even beverages with Latino flavors to get my family to eat more fruits and veggies.

Here are 16 Latino Recipes you will definitely want to try with your family.

  • Latino Recipes to Celebrate National Fruits and Veggies Month 1 of 17

    Delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner latino recipes to incorporate more fruits and veggies in your family meals. 

  • Breakfast Tostada 2 of 17

    Tostadas were a staple in my home just as tortillas and beans were. This recipe allows the family to create their own with as much and as little toppings as they choose. It can even been breakfast for dinner! 

    Learn how to create your own Breakfast Tostada at

  • Green Bean Scramble 3 of 17

    Green beans in any meal are delicious. This classic scramble typically done with cacti or nopales, is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well. I love the simple flavors and combination of veggies in this dish.  

    Get the recipe at

  • Minty Melon Salad 4 of 17

    Melons always take me back to summers in Mexico. I love the combination of 3 melons with mint in this simple salad. This recipe makes eating fruit fun and delicious! 

    Learn to make this salad at

  • Grilled Corn and Queso Fresco Salad 5 of 17

    This corn salad has so much flavor. Aside from corn, it also includes cilantro, radish, and avocado! It's perfect alone or to pair up with dinner! 

    Get the recipe at

  • Papaya Wild Rice and Purslane Salad 6 of 17

    A salad that includes a fruit and leaf vegetable that is somewhat uncommon will surely add a little flavor to any meal! Purslane or verdolagas in the mexican community are usually cooked up in a pork dish. This salad includes papaya, wild rice and purslane. It can be combined with a meal or enjoyed alone in a dish of its own. 

    Get the recipe at

  • Jicama Corn Salsa 7 of 17

    Jicama is linked to the family of the bean but it is better known as the Mexican Yam or turnip. I love the combination of corn, bell pepper, and jicama in this salsa. While it's delicious alone with tortilla chips, I would love to try this over a tostada of chicken or even a taco. Your family will love the crunch of jicama! 

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  • Strawberry Basil Mango Salsa 8 of 17

    With fresh strawberries and mango slices this salsa is a delicious twist to pico de gallo. This refreshing recipe will surely add a pop of flavor to any dish. Though it is best recommended over fish or chicken, I'd love to indulge in this just as it is! 

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  • GuacaHummus 9 of 17

    It's been 3 years since I first tried hummus and I loved it! My kids and I love snack foods. I try to pick up healthy savory snacks especially before dinner. This hummus recipe is a combination of two of my favorite dips guacamole and hummus! 

    Get the recipe at

  • Mango and Avocado Sandwich 10 of 17

    My kids love mangos and love avocados but I would have never thought to mix these two together! Thankfully someone did and even made into a sandwich with cilantro lime mayo. These flavors scream "fiesta" in my mouth! This recipe is great for the whole family.

    Get the recipe at

  • Mexican Zucchini 11 of 17

    I love zucchini! This side dish is as delicious as the side of rice or beans you find with common mexican dishes. It's not only delicious but so easy to make! This recipe makes it easy to combine any other vegetables you may desire into the medley. The flavors are amazing!

    Try this Calabacitas side dish recipe

  • Pineapple and Strawberry Water 12 of 17

    From smoothies to aguas frescas, my family enjoys a delicious beverage. Over the summer, we incorporated many different fruits and even veggies into our concoction of drinks. I appreciate simple waters like this strawberry and pineapple mix with natural flavors for the kids. 

    Try this Agua de Piña y Fresa recipe

  • Horchata de Melon 13 of 17

    Another simple beverage full of flavor by a common fruit in our culture, Canatalope! This Horchata is not your typical mexican rice milk beverage. This horchata calls for easy instructions and even fewer ingredients! I love how gorgeous this horchata turns out as well. Delicious if you ask me! 

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  • Spicy Mexican Fruit Salad 14 of 17

    Mango, pineapple, and watermelon are just a few of the fruits incorporated into a traditional mexican fruit salad. This salad is perfect during the summer but it definitely eases a craving during any time of the year. I love creating fruit salads for the kids with a variety of fruits but i like to enjoy mine with a little kick. 

    Watch this video to learn how to make this Spicy Mexican Fruit Salad 

  • Bionicos- Mexican Fruit Salad 15 of 17

    Bionicos or Mexican fruit salad, is a different type of fruit salad. This salad calls for fruit to be diced, tossed in a milk dressing and topped with various things. It's almost a healthier option to an ice cream sundae only I like to think it's even more delicious. 

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  • Vegeterian Enchiladas 16 of 17

    If you love enchiladas are looking for a revamp to your recipe that is vegetarian friendly try these enchiladas potosinas. They are not only delicious they help incorporate many different veggies into the filling that are sure to help your family eat more veggies. 

    Get the recipe at 

  • Hominy Quesadilla 17 of 17

    I've only tried hominy in pozole, a mexican spicy soup. Hominy is from the corn family. This is a modern style quesadilla still very full of flavor. I love that the recipe allows you to incorporate any vegetable to make it a healthier option and very delicious. 

    Get the recipe at


How do you encourage your family to eat fruits and veggies?

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