16 Years and Counting: Being Married is Hard, But Oh So Worth it!

celebrating 16 years of marriageIn a couple of days, my husband and I will be celebrating 16 years of marriage. 16 years. Wow. WOW! I can’t say I can’t believe it, because I do believe it. I love marriage. I love when I see people get married and enjoy their marriage. I am a true believer in the sanctity of marriage. I believe when two people marry, that marriage is forever.

Easier said than done, right? It’s because it is! Marriage is hard. Harder than my relationship with my mami, my kids, and even my family. But it’s also the most rewarding. I love being connected to my husband like no other person in this world — spiritually, physically, and mentally. He knows me and I know him. My husband and I have been through 3 layoffs from work and many financial struggles. Heavy challenges? Yes. Enough to break down a marriage? No.

I get weepy and sappy when I read stories of long-lasting marriages, like this piece that had me reaching for the tissues by the second picture. Did you hear of the 96-year-old widower who wrote a song for his late wife? I mean, HELLO?

On my side of the family, we have been blessed with beautiful, strong marriages. There isn’t a single divorce. Amazing, right? I think culture plays a huge part. I am Latina, and my husband is Filipino. My husband comes from a strong, Christian family, and even though we have a significant age difference between us, our upbringings and traditions are almost the same. That was huge for me, when I decided he was the one for me.

In 16 years, I’ve learned that he is a clean freak; I am not. I am social; he is not. He’s a homebody; I am not. I like long walks on the beach; he’d rather stay home and watch the Military Channel. He likes watching sappy Lifetime movies; I like watching The Big Bang Theory. Different, but the same.

16 years, gente. And I can’t wait for the next 16 years.

To my hubby, Mahal kita nang buong puso ko. Te amo con todo mi corazón. I love you with all my heart.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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