17 Latinas on Self Love and Body Confidence


Last year, I wrote a letter to my 15-year-old self.

“I promise you you’re going to love yourself one day. More than you thought you ever could. You’re going to embrace your brown skin, black hair, and all that comes along with being Latina.”

As a teen, I truly hated the body I was in. I was awkward, thought I was fat, I wore braces, battled acne, dealt with frizzy hair, and my mom dressed me. I was miserable and I thought no boy would ever love me. Yeah, it was that bad.

Today, that teenager is long gone. I love my dark wavy hair, my almond shaped brown eyes, my strong legs, my tan skin, and my plus size body. And I have someone who truly loves me for who I am.

Please know, that this post isn’t about being arrogant or conceited. Rather, it’s about self-love and body confidence.

We’re always so quick to point out the negative when it comes to our bodies. Especially, when we get mixed messages every day on what is considered beautiful. I wanted to show you that it is possible to love yourself—inside and out. I just needed a little help to prove it.

I asked 17 beautiful Latinas—of all ages, sizes, and shapes, what they love the most about their body. I discovered the most amazing thoughts on self-love and body confidence. I know it wasn’t easy to share, and I want to thank all of the women below. I even had one person decline, stating there was nothing she liked about herself. That made me incredibly sad.

So, I have a challenge for you…

Instead of telling us what you dislike about your body, I want to know what you love about it. Please share with us below!

  • DENISE 1 of 17

    "What I love most about my body is my soft skin and curves. I've struggled with body issues since I was a little girl. I developed early and was always bigger than the average girl. When I became a mother and had six children, I learned to appreciate my body on a whole other level. It held and grew my babies, it has been a soft cuddling place for them and it has held my husband's love and devotion for the past eighteen years. Sometimes I have to see myself through another person's eyes to truly appreciate my body."



  • NASHELLY 2 of 17

    "I constantly strive to be in better shape because there's always room for improvement but never at the expense of losing my curves or derriere. Over the years, I have grown to embrace and love my curves because they make me feel feminine and womanly. I don't have an issue filling a dress or pants. I often hear women complain about their butts and I wish they would understand that a little plumpness is a beautiful thing."



  • JESSIE 3 of 17

    "My body is not perfect, but it represents who I am, where I come from and where I am yet to go. I love my body, stretch marks, scars and all as they tell my story. I feel in-tune with myself and feel amazing for it. I love my body with all its flaws because they are unique and are mine. I was born to be real, not perfect and that is what I love about myself."



  • JACKIE 4 of 17

    "I think the sexiest part of any woman, of any size is confidence. What I like about me is me. There can only be one."



  • LISANN 5 of 17

    "I am thankful for my waist. No matter how I fluctuate in weight, my waist balances me out. It makes my figure look like a guitar...regardless of the size, it is one of the sexiest instruments I can imagine."



  • SANDRINI 6 of 17

    "One of the best things about being Latina, is having to have inherited all the beautiful parts of my ancestors, like my mom, aunts, grandmothers and etc. I learned to love my body at age 21—my hips, thick thighs, and most of all my big butt! I'm shaped like a yummy pear, and yes I can't fit in a size 6, but am a happy size 16 curves and all."



  • CARMEN 7 of 17

    "I love my body. What I love the most are my legs. I like my legs because they are strong, fit and sexy. I think they are very feminine and when I wear heels I feel they enhance the shape and length. And that just makes me feel even more confident and proud of my hard work at the gym."



  • ROSIE 8 of 17

    "I have learned to love my hips. I understand that everything is as it should be. And when you can look at your body with love and appreciate it for what you can do with it, you worry less on on viewing your body as an imperfection and looking at it more as a work of art! We are all created different! I love my body it's the vehicle I am using to create a difference in this world!"



  • HELEN 9 of 17

    "The thing I love best about my body is that it's strong and healthy. This body is resilient. It moves and dances. It comforts people in their time of need. It's the only one I've got, so I've learned to love and appreciate everything about it."



  • CAROL 10 of 17

    "I like my arms because they most reflect my strength, both outside and in. I like my curves, because they represent my ethnicity, growing into a woman, and then motherhood. And I like my smile, because it is the one thing that let's people see my joy in life and self."



  • JASMINE 11 of 17

    "What I love most about my body is that it makes me feel confident, sexy and proud to be Latina. I love my long legs that make me stand 5'9" without heels and 6'0" with them, no one ever had to worry about loosing me in a crowd. I adore my thick thighs that have always and forever will touch, and my buxom upper half because it give me a figure, it gives me shape. I love my chubby body because clothes look better on a girl like me with a curve here and there."



  • JEANNETTE 12 of 17

    "My favorite body part is my waist, even if after 2 kids it's not as small as it used to be."



  • MERCEDES 13 of 17

    "Sometimes I think that I'm too skinny, and some days I feel "skinny fat" meaning I can't keep my muffin top inside my jeans. But enough about that! I like that even though I'm thin (skinny legs, barely any boobs) I still have hips that create a nice silhouette -- especially when I wear a fitted, classic dress."



  • YOLANDA 14 of 17

    "My body is not a Victoria's Secret shape, but I'm healthy and I've always been this way. I love my legs! I'm blessed with my mama's legs. They love to splash in the water and dance!"



  • BETZY 15 of 17

    "For a long period of time in my life, I suffered from eating disorders, because I felt my body wasn't perfect. I now love the odd things in my body such as my legs and feet.  I love how my legs have a tan and a little definition to them. It all comes down to loving your body instead of finding what could be improved."



  • VERONICA 16 of 17

    "Now that I am in my 30's, there is a lot I do love about my body. I love that my body is curvy and voluptuous. My favorite is my legs and face."



  • LAURA 17 of 17

    "Although people compliment my smile, the truth is I don't have a favorite body part. To me, real beauty is inside a person's heart and soul. I am a spiritual person. I have learned over the years, and with life experiences, that when we live in the now, it puts everything into perspective and leaves no room for longings. Everyday challenges is what makes us stronger. I live a simple and happy life. To be humble and to be grateful even for the smallest things is what makes you different. I love my life!"



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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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