21 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Recipes from Their Latino Heritage

I started cooking family recipes at 12. My abuela and mamá were my teachers and I enjoyed every minute in the kitchen with them. Since leaving Mexico to live in California, cooking my favorite Mexican dishes has given me a special sense of pride. It’s also been a great way to pass on my Latino Heritage to my kids and share my culture with my friends.

Next month is Latino Heritage Month and we’re celebrating early. So I recently asked some friends who love to cook if they would share their favorite recipes that make them feel closer to their heritage. I have included my favorite as well. Here are the 20 amazing recipes I got in response, plus one from yours truly. Enjoy!


  • 21 Recipes from Our Latino Heritage 1 of 22
    21 Recipes from Our Latino Heritage

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  • Green Pozole with Chicken 2 of 22

    This dish is mine. So many dishes make me feel close to my Mexican family, it was hard to choose just one. But I chose Pozole verde, or green pozole, because it's one of my favorite comfort foods. It is warm, mildly spicy, delicious and satisfying. It really fills you up and it has many of my favorite ingredients like avocado, tomatillo, onion, lettuce, and cilantro. I make it once every three months.

    You can read how to make it step by step in both English and Spanish here.


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  • Mole Negro 3 of 22

    Read what Ericka, from Nibbles and Feasts, says about Mole Negro (Black Mole): "...mole negro Oaxaqueño is the dish that sparked my passion for Mexican food. When I first tasted authentic mole I realized the love, time, effort and pride that went into making this labor intensive dish. My version is much easier to prepare as it doesn't require as much time. I include my own twist inspired by my wonderful trip to Oaxaca that I recall so fondly. Since this dish is so dear to me, I make it for special occasions like family reunions and celebrations. 

    Would you like to learn how prepare mole negro? check the recipe here in both English and Spanish.


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  • Green Enchiladas 4 of 22
    Green Enchiladas

    Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack from Muy Bueno explains why these Enchiladas Verdes are like no other. "I prepare this dish about once a month. Especially when I'm feeling homesick or I'm having enchilada withdrawals. My mother was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and this is her signature dish -- it's spicy and delicious. Two ingredients make them extra special -- long green roasted chile and suero (whey). There are no other green enchiladas like them. They are the perfect example of me...a little Mexican with a Texas twist."

    Learn how to make these beautiful green enchiladas right here.


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  • Lucuma Meringue Cake 5 of 22
    Torta de Merengue

    Pilar Hernández from En mi Cocina Hoy shared this amazing cake and says, "In my country, Chile, this tort is one of the most popular and it can generally be bought in cake shops or supermarkets. It is my all time favorite. The Lucuma is a native fruit from Peru and Chile, and it has a delicious caramel and floral flavor. Here in the United States it is a labor of love, the merengues are a constant battle with the humidity in Houston and the lucuma has to be gifted to me by my family and friends who visit from my home country. I usually make it for birthdays and share it with Chilean ex-pats."

    Learn how to make this Lucuma Meringue Cake in both English and Spanish here.


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  • Triple Sandwich 6 of 22
    Triple Sandwich

    This sandwich looks delicious!  Morena from Peru Delights says, "Eating a triple always makes me feel close to my roots, because this is a very special combination that all Peruvians adore...tomato, avocado, and hard boiled eggs.  ... There's something about the combination of these 3 flavors and textures, plus the bread and the mayonnaise, that makes it much bigger than the sum of its parts. Every time I eat a triple sandwich, it takes me back to all the hundreds of triples I've had throughout my life: at home, in my school lunchbox, at birthday parties, baby showers, baptisms, name it. In Peru this sandwich is everywhere, and we can't get enough of it."

    Morena prepares it once a month, but when she is in Peru, she probably has it once a week. If there is a social event it's always there. Learn how to make your own delicious triple sandwich here.


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  • Bandeja Paisa 7 of 22
    Bandeja Paisa

    Cristina Duffy from the blog, Una Colombiana en California, shares this about the wonderful dish that makes her feel connected to her heritage. "It's perhaps the most typical dish from my country. If someone were to ask me about Colombian food, I would definitely tell them about bandeja paisa. The memories I have of this dish come from the famous beans prepared by my maternal grandmother and their unique flavor mixed with the rest of the ingredients. I prepare it two times a year. This dish has a lot of calories, so I can't eat it often, unfortunately."


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  • Beef Soup with Chayote 8 of 22

    Eva from Tech Food Life shares: "Making Caldo de Res connects me to my roots. The smell of the vegetables cooking in this traditional Mexican comfort food brings back memories of the dishes my mother cooked for us."

    Eva prepares it 2-3 times per month during the winter and she makes it for friends and family when they become ill. Learn how to make beef soup with chayote here.


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  • Guasaca 9 of 22

    Avocado, onion, bell pepper and red wine vinegar are just a few of the ingredients in this delicious dish from Dari at mami talks. It's usually served with arepas. Dari tell why it makes her feel closer to her heritage: "we eat this sauce with a lot of dishes in Venezuela and the flavor is very unique, it reminds me a lot of parties and family get-togethers."  Dari shows us how to make it here in both English and Spanish.


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  • Chicken for Breakfast 10 of 22

    I saw this picture and wanted to eat the whole dish. Reina from the blog, Soy Mamá en Casa, says this recipe makes her feel close to her heritage because it reminds her of how her mom would prepare it using the chicken leftovers. Reina says that it tastes great and you can complement it with scrambled eggs, tortillas and cheese.  She likes preparing it on Sundays. Get the chicken for breakfast recipe (in Spanish) here.


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  • Tamales Colombianos 11 of 22
    Tamales Colombianos

    Blanca from Mi Caminar says this about Tamales Colombianos, "My mom makes them using the same recipe my grandmother did over 70 years ago. We ate them with a traditional chocolate drink and buñuelos. It is a complete meal that reminds me of going to Colombia each year as a child and of gatherings with all our aunts, uncles and cousins."


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  • Potato Salad Puerto Rican Style 12 of 22
    Potato Salad Puerto Rican Style

    Yoly from Savvy Mujer prepares this dish for family gatherings. That's why this salad makes her feel closer to her family as it brings happy memories of the times she has spent with them.  Learn how to prepare potato salad Puerto Rican Style here.


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  • Grilled Shrimp Appetizer 13 of 22
    Grilled Shrimp with Mango Sauce

     Adriana Martin from Adriana's Best Recipes says, "Las Parrilladas were a family tradition in my house for the special moments when all the family got together to share and eat delicious dishes. This recipe brings back beautiful memories of that time and of the Mexican beaches I love so much.  I prepare this dish on special occasions like birthdays and family gatherings, as well as when mango and shrimp are in season, since using fresh ingredients is part of the culinary heritage of my grandmother"


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  • Pandebonos 14 of 22

    Diana from Entre Compras y el Hogar used to drive 50 minutes to Queens to eat delicious food from her beloved country, Colombia. Then she decided to learn how to make her own Pandebonos, so she tells us how to make them-in Spanish-here. She shares that Pandebonos or Almojabanas (depending on the shape) are close to her heart because she remembers her grandmother making them every Sunday.  Now Diana makes them on special occasions.


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  • Carambola Pudding 15 of 22
    Budin de Carambola

    Maria from Verdelicias says "Carambola or Star Fruit is a fruit that grows easily on the island of Vieques, east of Puerto Rico. It reminds me of summer and of trips with my mom in search of fresh fruits for creating in the kitchen. The bittersweet flavor of Star fruit is perfect for innumerable sweets, refreshing drinks, salsas, and salads.  I make it mostly in the summer when the fruit is easy to find."

    Learn how to make this delicious budín de carambola (in Spanish) here.


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  • Banana Fufu 16 of 22

    Vero from La Cocina de Vero shares about bananas, pork and Cuban cuisine: "Bananas of all kinds play a role in Cuban cuisine as they do in all Caribbean cuisines. They give a special touch to our dishes, whether as a garnish or a main ingredient. Pork is also very important in Cuban dishes and this dish is very special to me because it reminds me of my childhood when I used to watch how my grandparents made fresh chicharrones from a fresh pig. My grandpa would drink a small glass of rum while the kids joined him with a glass of soda. I like preparing this dish every time my mom comes to visit."

    Read how to make fufú de plátano de Vero (in Spanish here).


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  • Homemade Bunuelos 17 of 22
    Homade Buñuelos

    Pattie from Living mi Vida Loca tell us about this delicious treat and how it connects her to her mom: "Buñuelos is a traditional dish that my mom has made for as long as I can remember. Every time she makes them, she thinks back to posadas that she attended as a young girl and how they served buñuelos during that time. It's a recipe that is very near to her heart. We make them only on special occasions such as New Year's Eve and Christmas. It's a treat that I wait a whole year for!"

  • Enchiladas 18 of 22

    Brenda from Mejorando Mi Hogar says,"Enchiladas are one of my favorite Mexican dishes. I usually make them for dinner, and every time I cook them it reminds me about my family's Sunday gatherings and Mexican parties."  Learn how to make them here (in Spanish).


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  • Tamal Tolimense 19 of 22

    Natalia from Comiendo En LA reports the tamal tolimense is a traditional dish in her country, Colombia. It is a combination of rice, corn flour, vegetables, meat and eggs cooked in a banana leaf. She says every bite transports her to her beloved Colombia. Since the tamal requires time to prepare, they make it just for special occasions like Christmas. Natalia give us the step by step in Spanish (with plenty of pictures) here.


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  • Arroz Blanco y Habichuelas Guisadas 20 of 22

    Jeannette from Sazon Boricua shares that Arroz Blanco con Habichuelas Guisadas (Rice and Beans) is the most served dish in Puerto Rico. She has great memories of her childhood when she makes it. She prepares it at least once a month and you can get the recipe (in Spanish) right here.


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  • Chiles en Nogada with Arandanos 21 of 22

    Danielly from Un Dulce Hogar tells why Chiles en Nogada is one of her favorite dishes: "After my parents got divorced when I was a little girl, my mom would occasionally take us to my dad's hometown to eat delicious traditional food in the street market. One of our favorite dishes was chiles en nogada, because of the delicious walnut sauce that covers them. Now that I live abroad, preparing chiles en nogada not only take me back to my childhood, but also to my Mexico. I enjoy looking at the bright...colors on my plate, which represent my flag."

    Read how to make this yummy dish (in Spanish) here.


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  • Colada de Avena y Manzana 22 of 22

    Denisse from Ahorros Para Mama says, "This colada de manzana reminds me of the ones my mom made for us in the evenings to drink while we were doing our homework...she also gave it to us when we had stomach illnesses...I make coladas for my children whenever I can, even though it's usually once a month, but definitely when they are feeling ill."

    Read how to make it (in Spanish) here.


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