25 Ways to Express Your Love for Your Wife

B&MTuten-9443Come on, hombres! It’s time to man up and be intentional when you’re expressing your love for your wife. If you’re already doing this than give yourself a pat on the back, but keep reading for ideas on other things to focus on when you affirm her.

I know, believe me I know. It has nothing to do with you not wanting to express your undying devotion, but rather more to do with your forgetful mind or your lack of eloquence. It’s damn hard to remember to do something that’s not your natural tendency.

But know that it’s worth the effort, because breathing words of life into your marriage will have a positive impact on your relationship. And rest assured that your words don’t have to be eloquent — you don’t have to be Shakespeare as long as what you’re saying is sincere and from the heart.

Don’t worry, hubbies — I’m going to help you out. Below are 25 ways to give words of affirmation to your wife. See for yourself! I’ve collected responses that I received from wives all over the world about how they feel when they’re verbally affirmed by their spouses.

If you prefer to come up with some of your own, let me make a suggestion. Jot down 5 reasons that you’re thankful your wife chose you above all other men. Once you write them down, share each one of those with her this week.

We are not trying to make life hard for you, we just want to be reminded that we are valued, appreciated, and that you’re thinking about us.

When we encourage our spouse, we aren’t just creating an environment for them to blossom by bringing out the best in them, but we are also setting an example of positive relationships for our children.

Remember to ask her how she feels loved, because maybe words aren’t the way she wants to be affirmed. I share other ideas here on how to affirm your spouse if words aren’t their love language.

I didn’t want to assume that every woman wants to be affirmed the same way that I do! Remember that we’re all unique and it’s paying attention to the details that pays off in the end!

  1.  “I appreciate that you ____________________.” (Insert a specific response!)” Tina
  2. I always feel a little bit more affirmed when my husband thanks me for a daily chore. Something like, “Thank you for getting the laundry folded,” goes a long way with those jobs that seem so unappreciated.” Heather
  3.  “Best affirmation? When he says, “You were right!” —Natalie
  4. “You are a great mom to our children!” Debbie
  5. “You’re beautiful.” (Especially after a full day with the kids when I’m covered in baby schmutz.) Tina
  6. “I’m proud of you.” Vanessa
  7. “You are beautiful,” or any positive, “You are…” statement. Jodi
  8. “Thank you.” Heather
  9. “Thank you for dinner, you’re an amazing mom and you’re beautiful/gorgeous.” Rachael
  10.  My husband always scores big when he says, “I love you,” followed by, “How can I help?” Renae
  11.  I love it when my husband says, “How did I get so lucky?!” This usually means I did something amazing in our house. Jacquie
  12. “Dinner smells delicious.” Tina
  13.  “I love you more now than the day we were married.” Rachael
  14. Any praise given in front of someone else is huge! It’s like double affirmation! Not only is he saying it to me, he is also making sure that others know he values me. Rebecca
  15. “You’re the best.” It covers big things, even the most mundane tasks. Abigail
  16. “You were right!” Those three little words get me every time! Kristen
  17. I found my business cards in my husband’s wallet once, and that was pretty awesome. Heather
  18. “You are more beautiful to me TODAY, than the day we got married.” Stephanie
  19. I feel affirmed when Jake teaches our kids to step up and look for ways to be helpful. He has always been very helpful to me himself, but it takes it up a notch when he helps the kids notice ways to be selfless and serve. Katie
  20. “You want to get your Master’s? Go for it. I’ll support you all the way.” Karen
  21. Definitely saying thank you for all the small things (laundry, dishes, toilets, etc.) and supporting me in my career, even though by the time I pay childcare and taxes I make little to no money. Mary
  22. “We are a team, we are now one, and together we can accomplish our goals and dreams.” Rubi
  23. “Thank you for saying yes.” He says it all the time! Jodi
  24. “Let’s dance.” Mari
  25. “Look at your mom, she’s hot!”  — Mari

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