25 Ways to Show Him That You Love Him

25 ways to say i love you

Sometimes you just can’t beat a plain ol’ I LOVE YOU, but here are 25 other ideas to show your love—not just in words, but in action as well. These are some of my favorite options that either myself, or my husband, have enjoyed as we woo each other.

  1. Pursue him! Seduce him!
  2. Have his favorite snack or sweet waiting for him before he walks out the door for work.  If you have time, add a note to it.
  3. Have a “his day” where you do whatever activities he wants and eat whatever foods he wants (for at least half the day).
  4. Cuddle.
  5. Give him a foot rub.
  6. Plan a date night.
  7. Leave him a note on the rear view mirror of his car.
  8. Text him something wildly romantic.
  9. Flirt with him.
  10. Give him a long passionate kiss.
  11. Be the first to apologize.
  12. Ask his advice and take it.
  13. Learn about something he’s interested in and spend the evening talking about it.
  14. Greet him when he comes home from work as if he’s all that, and then some.
  15. Tell your children what you love about their dad.
  16. Hold his hand in the car.
  17. Tell him you LOVE HIM!
  18. Visit him for lunch during his break from work.
  19. Think of 3 things he does for your family that you appreciate, and then thank him for each one.
  20. Let him go on a guy’s night out.
  21. Drop off his favorite drink at work.
  22. Ask him, “What’s one thing I could do to better support you?”  Then do it.
  23. Keep your commitment and vows.
  24. Let him sleep in.
  25. Pick a week, and decide that this is the week that you will not say no to his love making invitations. Stick to it.


This week I challenge you to choose what matters by removing or changing one of your distractions. And most importantly, remember to play! Play with your spouse! Play with your kids!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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