5 Apps to Help Your Child Write in Cursive

Cursive writing is starting to lose its art. I, for one, have had my cursive writing take a slow, downward decline towards the bad and ugly. Are you in the same boat? I sometimes sit with my kids and practice writing my name. I’ve tried working and showing my kids how to write in cursive, but since they don’t do it that often, they tend to forget what I taught them and then, well, I’m sure you know the rest.

Apps are a part of our lives inside the classroom and out. Teachers are using tablets in the classroom more than ever, so why not teach the kids how to utilize technology and old school practice all in one place? Here are 5 cheap or free apps for your kids to practice cursive writing.

1. Zaner-Bloser

Perfect for little ones that need guided instruction, this app is in a “game” format that’s both fun and entertaining! This app is $1.99 and is compatible with your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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2. Cursive Writing

Looking for an app that teaches kids how to write in cursive that’s a little more advanced? This app provides detailed instructions on how to successfully master each letter in cursive writing — and it’s free!

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3. ABC Cursive Writing

This free and adorable app is geared towards younger children who are in the first stages of learning cursive handwriting. With playful animals to guide the way, kids will get a kick out of colorful visuals and clear audio for correct spelling.

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4. Handwriting Worksheets

This free app is great for children in preschool and kindergarten. Kids can have the option of writing in different, vibrant colors. The app also includes a small tutorial with lower case and capital letters.

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5.  La Escritura

¿Tus niños están aprendiendo a escribir en letra cursivaThis app is $1.99 and is perfect for parents that are embarking into the world of bilingualism. It is entirely in Spanish and will help kids learn how to write in cursive through video and colorful visuals, en espaÝnol! 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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