5 Beauty Mistakes You Probably Didn’t Know You Were Making

I’ve never considered myself a beauty guru. Never. But, I am a girl who is learning about makeup with every product I get my hands on—just like you. And there are a few things I have to share with you. Things that I wished I had known before. Five very simple, yet common beauty mistakes that I didn’t know I was making.

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#1. Letting Others Borrow Your Shaver

How many times have you heard…”I forgot to bring my shaver, can I borrow yours?” Or have you been the borrower? If this is the case, just stop already. According to, this can spread infections! They state that shaving creates microscopic openings in the skin, this can allow organisms to enter and spread infection. And, although viruses that cause herpes and hepatitis are usually spread by direct contact, they can still linger on the razors blades or in the moist areas between the blades. Just don’t do it anymore!

#2. Pumping Your Mascara Brush

Are you a mascara pumper? You know what I’m talking about. That moment when you’re applying your mascara and you feel the need to apply more to the brush. So, you pump the mascara wand in and out a few times? Yeah…you need to stop this too. When you do this, you are pumping air into the tube. This makes the mascara dry out quicker, causing dreaded clumps. Instead, twirl the wand inside the tube at a slight angle.

Image courtesy of Marin /
Image courtesy of Marin /

#3. Not Knowing Expiration Dates of Your Makeup

If you didn’t know, yes…makeup does carry an expiration date. According to, if you keep a hold onto your makeup for too long you’re welcoming bacteria into your skin, eyes and lips. Yuck! Here are their recommendations/guide for expiration dates on common products:

  • Mascara: 3 months
  • Foundation: 6-12 months
  • Nail Polish: 2 years
  • Lipstick: 2 years
  • Eye Shadows: 2 years

Get more tips on makeup expiration here.

#4. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

OK…this is where I admit I used to have a problem. I would never clean my makeup brushes. That was until I was gifted a set with a brush cleanser. I’ve learned that using dirty brushes are bad for not only your actual brushes, but it’s very bad for your skin. The bristles can hold bacteria. Many makeup sites recommend a good cleaning every one to two weeks. Here’s a great tutorial on how to clean your brushes. 

#5. Never Using a Nail Polish Base Coat

When painting your nails, please don’t skip one of the most important steps—applying a base coat. According to Discovery Health, a clear base coat helps the polish easily stick to your nail. It can also create a barrier that helps protect your nails from the damaging effects of the nail polish. Not using a base coat can lead to the polish staining your nails. They even note that some base coats are fortified with protein, vitamin E or calcium. These can help keep pretty nails healthy and can prevent the ugly breaking, splitting and peeling we hate.

Have you made any of these beauty mistakes? Do you have any beauty tips you’d like to share?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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