5 Family Picnic Must Haves

5 Family Picnic Must Haves Spring time is the perfect season to be outdoors. One of our favorite things to do is  go on family picnics! Picnics are affordable and can be done almost anywhere. The best part is Picnic Ideas are endless!

As a kid, my parents always had picnics prepared when we visited amusements parks or outdoor events. Our food was always premade and they made sure to bring all of our favorite snacks! Since we were a family of 6, family picnics were the way to go.

Now that I have 2 active little ones, going to the park turns into a great picnic. While they get to run around and have fun, they know mama is just a blanket away with a nice picnic laid out!

I’m thankful for all the picnics I had as a kid. Putting them together is easy for me and my wallet!

Ever wonder what to take to a picnic?

Here are some of our must haves for family picnics:

  • Reusable Bag 1 of 5
    Reusable Bag
    We carry three reusable bags. We have one for our food or snacks, toys, and trash!
  • Big Blanket 2 of 5
    Big Blanket
    You must have a blanket big enough for the whole family. Remember that your setting up food and space is needed for sitting and eating!
  • Food or Snacks 3 of 5
    Food or Snacks
    Our food choices depend on the outing.We like to plan ahead just in case some of the food needs to be prepared. I learned that if we are going straight to the picnic cold cut sandwiches and sliced fruits are great and affordable. However, if the outing consists of fun before eating then non-perishables is the way to go.We like to bring foods that don't require utensils. And don't forget to bring drinks!
  • Activity 4 of 5
    Since I have little ones, one is always done eating before the other. We like to bring an activity the whole family can be a part of. A ball, deck of cards, frisbee are some of our favorites. This is a must especially if your picnic is the main event!
  • Comfortable Clothes 5 of 5
    Comfortable Clothes
    Eating on the ground can be uncomfortable especially for little ones. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes.

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