6 Latino-inspired Birthday Gifts for Kids

My son just turned 5 and my daughter will be 4 later this month.  When it comes to getting gifts for kids I really draw a blank. It’s not because I don’t want to get them anything, but because they have been truly blessed and don’t need anything. Still, I like to celebrate them with something special. We usually take the day to do what they want or go out to purchase a new toy.

This year I wanted to find things that could inspire conversations about our culture and could have them build memories around our Latino heritage. I thought Latino-inspired birthday gifts for kids would be a total hit. I dug deep into my memories of being a child and realized there were so many things that could be potential birthday gifts. I soon was recalling moments with my family members and I knew my kids would enjoy hearing about our family as well as receiving a cool new gift!

Here is my list of Latino-inspired birthday gifts for kids, perfect for any young boy or girl!

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  • Accordion 2 of 7

    My grandfather introduced me to all types of musical instruments, but it was the accordion that entertained me the most. My kids have a mini accordion of their own to share, but it would be very cool if they could each have one to play with.

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  • Trompo 3 of 7

    Trompo is a top with a Latino twist. My father always recalls playing with trompos as a kid. When I got my own, I understood why this top was so cool! It doesn't hurt to learn a few tricks similar to those of a yoyo!

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  • Guayabera 4 of 7

    Guayabera is a typical Cuban dress shirt, and these guayaberas are the new style for all occasions. At my parent's 25h wedding anniversary every male rocked a guayabera, including my then months-old baby boy.

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  • Hoodie Pancho 5 of 7

    For as long as I can remember these hooded ponchos have been in. Better known in Baja Mexico for their laid back style, they are a modern garment of clothing inspired by our very own poncho. My kids could definitely rock a laid back style with this casual hoodie.

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  • Chavo game 6 of 7

    El Chavo del ocho was a popular Spanish show when my parents were kids and when I was a kid. I love that they have hit mainstream media and my kids can now enjoy them in English! It's grown so huge that it's now even made it to plush toys and even board games!

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  • Pinata 7 of 7

    Having a celebration complete with a piñata has brought so much joy for my kids. I know that the fiesta in itself was gift enough for them, especially when the piñata is their favorite character.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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