5 Reasons I Stay Home on Black Friday

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First things first, you must all know that I love shopping and I love a good deal. But, there is one day a year I refuse to shop. Yes, it’s true. There is a certain day, where I will not spend a dime. This chica stays home on the coveted Black Friday. The holy grail of shopping deals and discounts is a day off for me!

Here are my five reasons I stay home on Black Friday:

It’s Too Crazy Out There! 

Let’s just get this out and in the open, I have no patience when it comes to insane crowds of shoppers. Especially, when they’ve been sleeping in tents and on sidewalks for a few days. When those doors open, all bets are off! I’ve heard about the pushing and shoving for a $99 television. And don’t get me started on the traffic, cranky store associates, or long lines. This just doesn’t sound like a pleasant day to me!

Turkey Coma

With stories of retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening, at midnight, or even 6 a.m. I will be way too stuffed from all the delicious food I’ve chowed down on. You’d have to roll me over, off the recliner, and into the car. It’s not a pretty sight and just not worth it. I’ll just stay in my happy turkey coma thank you very much!

My Family

Why would I run around insanely and battle complete strangers for discounts and deals, when I can be home watching football and spending time with my family? I know they’re a little out there, but I love them anyways. Besides, If I’m going to battle anyone, it’s going to be my brother over mom’s delicious left overs. Yes, we’re that kind of family.

The Deals Aren’t That Great Anyways

Don’t get mad at me, but I just don’t think the deals on Black Friday are that great. OK, yes…there are a few electronic goodies here and there. Unfortunately, it’s never anything I really need. Throw in a designer handbag and free hour massage with purchase and I just might think about it! I said “might!”

I Have Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday. It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving where retailers offer exceptional deals via their online sites. I can shop in my pajamas online, plopped on my couch, and there’s no pushing or shoving. I’m sold.

Do you stay home on Black Friday? Share your reasons why with us below! 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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