5 Reasons My Family Eats Pinto Beans

5 reasons why my family eats pinto beansIt’s a fact that Mexican Food includes pinto beans but little is shared on the reasons or benefits of why many Mexican families including my own eat Pinto Beans.

For as long as I can remember pinto beans were always paired up if not included in our meals. I’ve tasted a variety of dishes that had pinto beans as their main ingredient.

Growing up I wasn’t a huge fan of pinto beans. I didn’t hate them they just were another side dish or ingredient in a meal. Once I got married and pinto beans weren’t being cooked for me, I began to miss them. I had to quickly learn how to make them and with that I learned the benefits of including them in my meals.

I now make a big batch in the crock pot and store in container in our deep freeze for easy last minute meals. My kids have learned to eat them much like I did as a kid. They especially love taking sips of the broth.

Besides pinto beans being culturally traditional to the Mexican culture, there are some great benefits both in health and budget.

Here are 5 reasons my family eats pinto beans and yours should too!

  • The benefits of eating pinto beans 1 of 6
    The benefits of eating pinto beans

    Scroll through the slide to learn the reasons we eat pinto beans.

  • Full of Iron 2 of 6
    Pinto beans are full of Iron

    Anemia runs in my family. My mother and I suffer the most from it. The Iron in the broth of cooked pinto beans helps me on days I feel dizzy or just not myself. It's a quick pick me up and I enjoy the taste of having pinto beans in a mug.

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  • Rich in Fiber 3 of 6
    pinto beans are rich in Fiber

    Beans are full of fiber which is important because our culture has a high risk of  high cholesterol. When the beans are prepared correctly with low sodium and no added fats this is a great dietary ingredient for meals.


  • A great source of protein 4 of 6
    A great source of protein are pinto beans

    Pinto Beans and other dried beans are known to be full of protein and a great substitution for other proteins like meat because they are fat free.

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  • Affordable ingredient for meals 5 of 6
    Pinto beans are an affordable ingredient for meals

    A pound bag of pinto beans can be as cheap as a dollar. Pinto Beans with minimal ingredients can be a delicious affordable filling meal. My father has shared that as a child his family had little money. He said they usually ate beans and tortillas.   

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  • Versatile ingredient 6 of 6
    Pinto Beans the Versatile ingredient

    There are endless ways to cook and serve beans. My favorite side of beans is a blend of Chorizo (Mexican spicy sausage and re-fried beans. As a main ingredient, I enjoy Pinto Bean Tostadas! Check out my Pinto Beans on Pinterest for more delicious meals made with beans including this Crock Pot Frijoles

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Do you enjoy eating pinto beans? What is your favorite way of eating them?

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