5 Reasons Why You Should Experience International Travel with Your Kids

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Let’s raise globally minded children.  “The cultural literacy that we inseminate in our kids today can help them make decisions with an international perspective later on, something fundamental to world peace and our humanity. So, yes, raising globally-minded children is a long-term investment in some sense. But an indispensable one at that.”  ~ Meera Sriram

Tonight we will be boarding the plane and heading to the south, that is, South America. We love traveling (within the U.S and abroad) and though sometimes traveling with kids can be a bit more stressful I totally believe these experiences we encounter as a family far outweigh the negatives.

So in the weeks to come, I will be sharing with you a new series Traveling with Kids. I will share tips, tricks from blogger moms.  Tips for traveling on a budget. And I will also share with you on traveling to South America as a family with tips on family friendly places to eat, stay, things to do… And some fun tips for flying with kids. So stay tune!

Since our first child was born I took on this mantra: “Our kids will adapt to what we expose them to.”  When they were babies, I refused to change my house decor. Why? Because I was sure that my kids would learn how to behave in our home with decor. And I can tell you 9 years later all 3 of my boys did adapt to our environment. Obviously, if there were dangerous things around, those were removed, but all of my breakable decorations remained on the living room table, our leather furniture is still tan. . . .

I am a big believer that we shouldn’t fall into this mindset: We will do this or that when our kids get older. Don’t wait for them to get older, seize the opportunity while they’re young and make memories together as a family, that will last a lifetime!

  • Taking in the sights and sounds! 1 of 5

    My kids were mesmerized. Their little minds and world will be deeply enriched by experiencing a different culture and music firsthand. And they may even ignite a desire to come back home and learn a foreign language! image via Mari Hernandez-Tuten

  • Life Lessons 2 of 5
    what firemen wear

    To learn  this lesson early on is important: There is more than one way to do things.  I was confused when I first saw it and I have no idea why they would choose that color but for whatever reason this works for this country. Yes, these strong and brave fire fighters are strutting PINK camo and it works for them.

  • Your kids will get to see another side of you. 3 of 5

    Your kids will see another side of you as you try to explain using sign language and gestures to the pharmacist (who doesn't speak your language) that you need diarrhea medicine. Needless to say, it can be entertaining.

  • Help Develop Character 4 of 5
    serving with kids

    A great way to help develop our kids character is by serving. There's nothing like being thankful for all that you have when you get to experience first hand how truly blessed you are.  We had the opportunity before heading out on our excursion to make lunches for the street kids and pass them out at the park.  

  • Broaden their Palate 5 of 5

    There's nothing like getting stared at by your food to broaden your palate.  We were served Mr. Fish (as we nick named him) with rice, plantains and salad. My kids thought it was cool that Mr. Fish still had eyes (the salad is covering his eyeballs but it's there) and teeth but it still took some strong encouraging to get them to take some bites.

If you’re still not convinced here’s a snippet from an interesting article I found over at “Travel helps to increase the amount and diversity of new experiences in your child’s life, literally increasing neural pathways and enlarging your child’s brain. Experiences bring growth.”

But if  you’re not going anywhere this summer and you’re looking for ways to have fun with the family at home join our Virtual Summer Camp and don’t forget to click on the link at the end of the article with the blue frog face that has over 100 activities for you to enjoy.


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