5 Reasons Why You Should Have That Second Baby Shower


Photo Credit: MeowZeroni on MorgueFile.
Photo Credit: MeowZeroni on MorgueFile.

I was so excited to learn that my friend Maria was expecting her second child. For Latinos, any excuse is a great one to throw a party and get family and friends together, so I was prompt to ask, ¿Cuándo es la fiesta? I wanted to make sure I would not miss the baby shower. To my surprise, my friend was less enthusiastic about the subject than I expected.

She told me the subject of a potential baby shower came up at work because one of her friends, as excited as I was, started giving ideas on themes and things of the sort, to which other female coworkers reacted very negatively. First, I was shocked to hear about some of the comments, and then I felt angry that someone, anyone, would make a pregnant woman feel sad for wanting to celebrate a baby, a new life, a very personal and exciting moment in her life.

Apparently I was naive and have been unaware that many women feel it is tacky to throw a baby shower for any other child but the first one. I personally love parties, so without a doubt I organized a baby shower for my second child, who was born even before my daughter had turned 2, because I felt as excited and eager to celebrate the second addition to my family as I did the first time around.

Going back to my friend Maria … In an effort to help her feel at ease with making any decision she wanted, I started searching for that very question: Is it okay to throw a baby shower for a second, third, forth, or any child after? Well, most of the online forums I found were as vocal and negative as what my friend had experienced at her office.

Of course, having the opportunity of making my case in a platform like this one, I decided I had to give my opinion and the reasons why it is completely okay to celebrate that new life you are bringing to the world. As moms, we always try to be fair and treat our children equally, and most importantly, we give them the same amount of love without thinking who came first or second.

If you are an expecting mom and are doubtful if you should have another baby shower, here are five reasons that will at least make you consider it:

  • It is not about stuff, but memories 1 of 5
    Baby Shower-2

    When I think about my children's baby showers, I remember them with a smile. They remind me of a happy time and the people I shared that time with. I cannot really remember which gifts were given or who bought what, but I still remember the laughs and tears of each event. You can even make a note in the invitation saying no gifts necessary; however, you'll still be given things far more important: love and time.

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  • Your child will feel special 2 of 5

    While a baby shower will not even matter to anyone but you and your spouse for several years, there will come the time when your children are going to want to see pictures of you pregnant and hear the story about before they were born. Having just a shower for the first one will send a message that somehow you were not as excited or eager for their arrival.

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  • Treasure the people in your life 3 of 5

    Even though a baby shower is all about you and the coming baby, as with any family reunion, there is a lot of value in spending time with those you love. Last year, I celebrated my son's second birthday and my grandmother was there; I have so many pictures. Sadly, she passed just weeks later. I'm glad she was able to participate in that milestone with us, as well as all the other celebrations we shared while she was alive.

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  • You still need a hand 4 of 5

    We are living in tough financial times, and for many families, the arrival of a new member represents a challenge. The people who are closer to you are most likely aware of this and are more than willing to help. Even if you don't have a baby shower, people will go visit and bring presents, so it makes sense to be more strategic and let friends and family know which things you really need this time around.

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  • Just because! 5 of 5
    Baby Shower Cake

    One of the most important things in life is to follow what you want and own it. Who cares if some people feel it's tacky? Why should you pay more attention to their wishes than your own? I'm sure that if you invite the people who are really close to you and love you, they are not going to care which child this is for. Go for it! Just because!

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