5 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

When I was expecting I couldn’t tell you how many times I got comments from strangers.  It’s like everyone was a sudden pregnancy expert. Although some were sweet, there were some that just made me think….are you really asking me that? Some of those were not only from strangers, but from my own familyBy the end, I just learned to laugh them off. Here are some of my favorite “what not to say to a pregnant woman.”

What’s the worst comment you got while you were pregnant? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear them.


  • Are you Having Twins? 1 of 5
    Are you Having Twins?
    When I was nine months pregnant, a cashier at Whole Foods asked me if I was having twins! When I told her no, she insisted, "are you sure?" Yes, I'm sure and although I know I look like a swallowed a giant basketball, it really didn't help to be reminded how large and in charge I looked. Truth is, no pregnant woman wants to be reminded of her size.
  • Get All The Sleep You Can 2 of 5
    Get All The Sleep You Can
    I got this comment all the time, from co-workers to even random strangers while I was pumping gas. Yes, I know I probably won't get any sleep for a while, but I feel this comment was like a Debbie Downer. What about telling me about all the joy a little baby brings…geesh.
  • Ay! Pero Si Que Estas Gorda 3 of 5
    Ay! Pero Si Que Estas Gorda
    I got this comment from my own mom and aunt. I would immediately respond, "I'm not Gorda mom, I'm pregnant." The word gorda, should never be told to a pregnant woman and saying gordita, doesn' make it any better.
  • Was It Planned? 4 of 5
    Was It Planned?
    I actually got this comment once while I was pregnant. Yes it was planned, but does it really matter? This question is a big no-no.
  • You Shouldnt Be Eating That 5 of 5
    You Shouldnt Be Eating That
    During my baby shower, I was walking with a plate of food when one of my mom's friend told me "you shouldn't be eating that." I felt like responding like Chris Farley in one of his Saturday Night Live skits "Lay off me I'm starving!" Food polices are never welcomed when you're pregnant.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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